The Zambia Daily Mail Newspaper has sued a Christian organisation in the Lusaka High Court, demanding payment of around K360,000, which it allegedly refused to pay after the two parties partnered to host SINACH, a gospel artist, in 2017.

Zambia Daily Mail is claiming payment of K360,000 from Andrew Chola, interest at current bank lending rates from date of the writ until payment as well as costs of the court action.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Monday, the Zambia Daily Mail explained that Andrew Chola was at all material times, a Christian organisation with registered offices in Lusaka.

It further stated that in September, 2017, it entered into an agreement with Andrew Chola to host a gospel artist called SINACH, who was to conduct shows for profit.

The State-controlled media organisation stated that it was obligated to publish some promotional materials and distribute newspapers to VIP guests as well as contribute US $5,000 towards the hosting of the events, which it did.

It added that Andrew Chola was to pay it K360,000 sponsorship fee and for sale of tickets.

“By a memorandum in writing, the two parties entered into a business undertaking in which they were to work together to host a Gospel artist known as SINACH in or about September, 2017, who was to conduct some shows for profit. The plaintiff was obligated to publish some promotional materials, distribute some newspapers to VIP guests and contribute the sum of five thousand dollars (US $5,000.00) towards the hosting of the events which it did,” read the statement of claim.

“The defendant was obligated to pay the plaintiff the sum of K100,000 as sponsorship fee and pay the plaintiff K2 per ticket sold at K300, K1.50 per ticket sold at K100 and K0.50 pet ticket sold at K50 during the show, among other things.”

Zambia Daily Mail claimed that the defendant had refused to pay K360,000 owed to it after the event was held and the tickets were sold.

It stated that it held several meetings with Andrew Chola to discuss the matter during which the defendant had not only confirmed the total due, but had made written commitments to liquidate the same.

The media organisation added that the defendant had not done so, hence the Court action.