Society House sues Vodafone for K172,000 rental arrears

Society House Development Company Limited has sued Mobile Broadband Limited, trading as Vodafone Zambia, in the Lusaka High Court for failing to settle rental arrears of over K172,000.

Society House Development Company is claiming outstanding payments of K172, 641.34 from Vodafone Zambia in respect of rentals as at October 1, this year, as well as, K1,056.23 in respect of utility charges for the demised premises.

In an affidavit in support of originating notice of motion filed in the Lusaka High Court on October 10, this year, Society House Development Company Limited Finance manager Edward Kunda stated that on August 1, 2017, the plaintiff entered into a Lease Agreement with the respondent for the possession and occupancy of Shop No. G050 at Society Business Park.

He stated that pursuant to the lease agreement, Vodafone Zambia agreed to occupy and use the demised premises for purposes of offering data services, 4G Internet, Wi-Fi connections and other Internet-related services.

Kunda stated that Vodafone Zambia also agreed that it would throughout the term of its operations and use if the demised premises be liable to pay an agreed monthly rental, property expenses, marketing fund and utility charges.

He, however, stated that notwithstanding Vodafone Zambia having taken occupancy and use of the demised premises, it refused, neglected or ignored its obligations to pay the agreed monthly rental, property expenses, marketing fund and utility charges.

Kunda stated that as a result of Vodafone Zambia’s failure to observe it’s financial obligations, the plaintiff wrote a series of letters to Vodafone Zambia demanding payment of the rental arrears.

He stated that Vodafone Zambia has acknowledged its indebtedness and made numerous unfulfilled promises of payment of rental areas, but added that Vodafone Zambia has in the meantime continued use and occupy the demised premises since August 1, 2017, to-date.

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