A 44-year-old housemaid who was dragged to court for allegedly administering poison to breakfast prepared for her female boss has pleaded guilty in the Lusaka High Court.

Naomi Muyemba had initially pleaded not guilty in the last sitting but opted to change plea when the matter came up on Wednesday before High Court judge Ruth Chibabuka.

Particulars of the offence are that on July 6, 2019 in Lusaka, Muyemba jointly and whilst acting together with others unknown unlawfully and with intent to harm, administered unknown poison to four slices of bread meant for Petronella Nkumbakwa.

Facts in this matter are that in July last year, Muyemba with intent to harm, maliciously administered unknown poison to four slices of bread and fried eggs meant for her boss Nkumbakwa, a manager at TATA Zambia Limited.

Nkumbakwa started preparing herself for work and by the time she was done, her maid Muyemba had finished preparing her breakfast.

But since she was late, she could not eat at home, opting to carry the breakfast.

While driving on Chilimbulu road, Nkumbakwa discovered black substance in powder form on the four slices of bread and eggs that Muyemba packed for her breakfast.

She later took the substance to the Food and Drugs Laboratory at the University Teaching Hospital where it was tested and indicated that it was poison.

Muyemba was later apprehended in connection with the offence.

After being interrogated, Muyemba led the police to her employer’s residence and also led them to her bedroom where a variety of traditional medicines was discovered including the poison in her bag.

Justice Chibabuka convicted Muyemba upon her on admission of guilt.

In mitigation, Muyemba through her lawyer from the Legal Aid Board pleaded with the court to exercise maximum leniency on her, saying she was a first offender, deserving leniency of the court.

The lawyer said Muyemba was remorseful for her actions and that she promised never to repeat the offence once given a second chance.

“The now convict is remorseful and vows never to repeat the same offence if given a second chance. She tells me that she endevours to live a crime free life,” Muyemba’s lawyer said.

Her lawyer asked the court to consider the fact that her client readily pleaded guilty, therefore not wasting the court’s time and resources.

Justice Chibabuka however, said she would sentence Muyemba today.