I HAD gone to visit her at her apartment because she is a friend, a ZESCO employee who has been sued for allegedly committing adultery with another man’s wife has told the Lusaka High Court.

In this matter, Gilbert Mbamwabi Lungu has sued Patrick Maswakeni, in the Lusaka High Court, claiming damages of K2 million for allegedly trespassing and committing adultery with his wife at their matrimonial home.

Lungu claimed that Maswakeni became violent and assaulted him after he caught him committing adultery with his wife, Susan Chewe.

But in his defence, Mwaswakeni has denied the allegations, stating that he was not aware of the marriage between Lungu and Chewe and that Lungu would be put to strict proof at trial.

He stated that on the material day, he had gone to visit Chewe at her apartment because she was a friend.

Mwaswakeni, however, denied having been found committing adultery.

He, however, admitted the fact that his phone and shoes were confiscated by Lungu.

Mwaswakeni stated that Lungu was the one who started fighting him when he found him in Chewe’s apartment and even damaged the ZESCO motor vehicle which he had parked there.

He added that the case for assault was reported at Kazungula police station.

“The charge of malicious damage to company property is being heard at Livingstone’s Subordinate court,” Mwaswakeni stated.

He added that Lungu was not entitled to the K2 million he claims.

Lungu had stated in his statement of claim that he was Chewe’s husband having been traditionally married under customary law and having paid dowry at K1,000.

He stated that Maswakeni, with malicious intention to permanently injure, interfere and deprive him peaceful enjoyment of his matrimonial marriage, trespassed and committed adultery with his wife, Chewe, at his matrimonial home in Kazungula district.

“The plaintiff (Lungu) shall aver at trial that on April 30, 2020, had found the defendant (Mwaswakeni) at his matrimonial home committing adultery with his wife Susan Chewe,” read the statement of claim.

He claimed that upon finding Mwaswakeni red handed committing adultery with his wife, he (Lungu) confiscated the defendant’s shoes and a mobile phone as exhibits.

Lungu, however, added that after catching the two, Mwaswakeni became violet and assaulted him, an act which resulted in him suffering a swollen right arm, painful left side of the neck and painful leg.

“The defendant has without any justifiable reason committed adultery with the plaintiff wife thereby putting the plaintiff’s life at risk as he is not sure of the defendant’s health status,” stated Lungu.