THE State has objected to a bail application made by four PF cadres charged with criminal trespass because they are violent and might interfere with witnesses.

In this matter, four PF cadres are charged with criminal trespass on Church land with intent to annoy.

Before court are Bornface Nkonde, 52, Mubanga Chanda, 42, Chivas Munakopa, 41, and Mwenya Mushota, 32, all of whom are businessmen.

When the matter came up before magistrate Arnold Kasongamulilo, the four accused persons pleaded not guilty to the charge.

It is alleged that on June 15 this year, the four accused persons in Ndola jointly and whilst acting together, unlawfully did enter the premises of Petra Institute Church with intent to annoy.

The defence lawyer of the four accused applied for bail stating that the accused persons were ready to abide by the bail conditions set and that they were all of fixed abode.

However, State Public Prosecutor Nelson Mtonga said objected to the application.

“The reason we are objecting is that we have information that the accused are violent and there is a likelihood that they will interfere with the witnesses,” Mtonga said.

But defence argued the four were entitled to bail.

Magistrate Kasongamulilo, however, said he had taken note of all the arguments, but asked the state to provide proof of what had been stated about the accused persons.

“I will allow an adjournment for evidence to be given today, 16, July. The accused persons remain in custody,” said Magistrate Kasongamulilo.