THE Ndola High Court has sentenced a Pharmacy student to 15 years imprisonment for defiling a 14-year-old girl whom he promised to marry.

In this matter, Bernald Chilufya, 20, was charged with defilement of a girl under the age of 16.

Ndola High Court Judge Yvonne Chembe said Chilufya acted irresponsible by defiling the girl despite his plans to marry her.

According to court records, on June 12 last year in Mufulira, Chilufya had unlawful carnal knowledge of a young girl.

In mitigation, Chilufya, through his defence counsel, told court that he had leart that crime did not pay and that he was remorseful for his actions.

He also told court that he was disappointed with his actions and he had also disappointed his family who had been supporting him.

Chilufya begged the court to forgive him as at the alleged time of the incident, he was working and also studying Pharmacy.

However, in passing sentence, Justice Chembe said she had considered his mitigation and that he was a first offender.

“The record reveals that you proposed that you should marry your 14-year-old victim after the ordeal. Unfortunately, this is not a lawful way for marriage in Zambia. Defilement is a serious offence which carries a minimum of 15-years imprisonment,” she said.

She said her hands were tied and that she could only extend leniency to the minimum allowable at law.

“I sentence you to 15-years-imprisonment with hard labour,” said Justice Chembe.

Meanwhile, Judge Chembe has sentenced a 25-year-old man to 16-years-imprisonment with hard labour for defiling a five-year old.

Rogers Chisanga was charged with defilement of a child.

According to court records, Chisanga on December 1, last year in Ndola, had carnal knowledge of a girl under the age of 16-years-old.

In mitigation, Chisanga told court that he was remorseful for his actions and that if given a second chance at life, he would reform.

In meting out sentence, Judge Chembe said that she had considered his mitigation and that he was youthful with capacity to reform.

“However, the offence is a serious one. It is aggravating that you defiled a five-year-old child who could have been your daughter. I therefore sentence you to 16-years-imprisonment with hard labour,” said Judge Chembe.