A COMMERCIAL farmer of Kabwe district has dragged three people to the Lusaka High Court for allegedly accusing him of having sex with one of the trio’s wife.

Best Kelvin Lwiindi laments that he has undergone humiliation and trauma as people in the neighborhood or village have made him a laughing stock, making him to stop walking or working.

Lwiindi has sued Hamalambo Kanini, Jimmy Hamilumbe and Peter Hamilumbe who are also commercial farmers in Chipepo area, village Mwachilenga in Kabwe district of Central Province.

He is seeking compensation for false misrepresentation of the facts that he slept and had sex with one of the defendants’ wife.

Lwiindi also wants damages for bringing his name into ridicule, public odium and loss of reputation to an extent where he was being laughed at particularly in the neighborhood or society.

He further wants damages for mental
torture, stress, loss of professional and disturbance as well as costs of the action and any other relief the court may deem fit.

In his statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Lwiindi who is also a businessman stated that on September 25, 2020, the defendants accused him of having sex with one of the defendants’ wife and started announcing throughout the village and posting on social media.

He stated that thereafter, the defendants falsely seized the farming plough and later on returned it after the headmen’s confirmation that the allegations against him were null and void.

Lwiindi stated that the said farming plough had been at all material times being helping him to cultivate the field in the area.

He added that the said plough had been the only source of income as most of the neighbours hired it.

“Now, therefore, the plaintiff (Lwiindi) brings to the attention of this honorable court that the plaintiff has undergone a series of humiliation, trauma as people in the neighborhood or village have made me a laughing stock which has now made me to stop walking or work,” read the claim.

Lwiindi stated that despite several reminders in order to resolve the matter amicably with the defendants, on September 26, 2020, he engaged the village headman Mwachilenga to intervene into the matter.

He stated that upon him and the defendants having the meeting with the village headman, it was found that nothing had happened with the alleged defendant’s wife and strictly would be adduced at trial.