Current Mr Zambia Sylvester Mwila says he is saddened that even in 2018 there are people who still think Bodybuilding is a sport for thugs.

Mwila noted that there was need to educate people about the sport as a way of ending myths that surround it.

In an interview with Goal Diggers! The successive three times Mr Zambia expressed sadness that few people knew that BodyBuilding was a sport like any other.

“It saddens me to hear people say that Bodybuilding is a sport for thugs. They cannot even defend that statement because there is nowhere in Zambia where I have heard of someone being attacked by a gang of bodybuilders. It is a normal sport that also requires discipline and dedication,” Mwila said.

Mwila further highlighted some of the key attributes to being a good bodybuilder.

“One has to be well-disciplined and well-mannered because vent planners will from time to time hire you to offer security services to functions like musical ones. They will always for bodybuilders that are behave well. It also requires dedication, hard work and patience. Shortcuts like using steroids are not acceptable and they actually harm one’s body,” advised Mwila.

“Ladies in Zambia shy away from this sport unlike in other countries. Of course they are capable of attracting sponsors but I should mention that this is a very expensive sport. Supplement products that are needed to train effectively are expensive but the results are great. I will see to it that bodybuilding grows in Zambia.”