North-Western Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu says he expects better performance from Solwezi Airport Football Club after a K57,000 donation from Kansanshi Hotel.

And FAZ Provincial Coordinator Arthur Kamulosu has expressed gratitude for the sponsorship, which would strengthen the team’s performance.

Speaking during the handover of new soccer equipment worth K57,000 donated by Kansanshi Hotel to Solwezi Airport FC, Mubukwanu expressed delight at the development, noting that the pieces of sports equipment, which included jerseys, boots, socks, first aid kit, balls, bibs and cones, would motivate the players to exhibit professional football.

“We are grateful as government to the management of Kansanshi Hotel for donating the soccer equipment at the time the team is getting to a new season beginning on the first day of November. That is the way to go! I am certainly sure there is no better way to go than attracting sponsors who are ready to speed up the improvement of your career,” Mubukwanu said.

He advised the players to be disciplined and united and to love one another to achieve a career development that leads to opportunities meant to showcase their talent.

“Avoid bad things which are bound to make you fail and go back to the street. Once upon time, this province contributed immensely to soccer in Zambia when most of the national team players came from here; why can’t you rise to that level so that you will be the envy of your friends?” he asked.

Mubukwanu said he was impressed with the performance of the players who had given their all to progress rapidly in the tournament from amateur-level to Division Two within a short period of time.

“I have heard your cry for a piece of land to be used as a football pitch. Give me time to consult the Council and I shall get back to you for a response based on this request,” pledged Mubukwanu.

And Kamulosu said the Association was impressed with the gesture by Kansanshi Hotel management.

“We are grateful to Kansanshi Hotel management for establishing a partnership, which hinges on supporting football in Solwezi,” said Kamulosu who further appealed to other sponsors in the province to emulate Kansanshi Hotel in sponsoring the club in other areas where they need help.

Meanwhile, Kansanshi Hotel director Veronica Ryder said her outfit had donated the football equipment as a way of keeping the players fit and healthy in anticipation for them to be top stars in the future.

– Courtesy of SUMA SYSTEMS.