I don’t understand how we lost – Mwepu

Chipolopolo midfielder Enock Mwepu says he does not understand why the ex ‘bola na Lesa boys’ lost matches at the Egypt 2019 U-23 AfCON insisting that the team played well despite recording loses.

Mwepu told the media that he kept reminiscing and reflected on how the team fared during the tournament saying Chipolopolo played well and that he could not understand how the team lost.

Mwepu concluded that the Chipolopolo boys both senior and junior level were undergoing a bad phase currently

“Our fans should just understand that it is a bad phase for the national team right now. We are trying to ask ourselves as players to know what could be the reason why we are losing. We are playing well and things are not going our way. A lot of our fans are disappointed, we can only tell them to keep the support and keep praying for us. We know that in football, sometimes you have no luck and I think we had no luck in this tournament. Let the fans keep supporting us, the future is bright for us and we know what we are capable of doing. We are optimistic that in the next tournament at senior level and also for junior tournaments, we will do well and make our fans happy. Fans are for us and without them we are dead. Let them keep supporting us.”

Mwepu says he was further disappointed with the five zero loss that Zambia suffered at the hands of Algeria.

“I can only wish them the best. We are supporting them and we are together in this situation. Whether we win or lose we are together but I am positive that we will win Tuesday’s match. It is quite hard for the team after losing the first game. The score line was really not so good for everybody. Going in the second match, I can only wish the team to stay positive and focussed knowing that the Tuesday game won’t be easy,” he said.

Zambia will host Zimbabwe on Tuesday at National Heroes Stadium in a Group H Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

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Poor performance at senior level is because we are not featuring experienced players like Kalaba.
If you assemble 2012 Afcon team of retired players like Katongo, they certainly would do better than the jokers who lost to Algeria 5-0. FAZ needs to be serious and get a competent coach.


When players are good from both sides coaching benches’ abilities come into play. That could be the missing link for Chipolopolo. Games are won before the matches start!

Idiocy Detector
Idiocy Detector

If there is anything I hate to hear in football is saying we played well and lost. That is stupidity, the ones who played well are those who scored. If winning is about the number of goals, if all I can do is scoring even without much playing, then I am a good player. Ifyabupuba fye! It is ubupuba when you sing that whether you win or lose you are chipolopolo. What kind of mind set do you carry when playing if things were the same whether you win or lose?

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