One would have thought that by being an academician, UNZA don Sishuwa Sishuwa would be a person whose outlook would be guided by empirical evidence and objectivity.

Far from it! The prejudice and cynicism in his recent article in News Diggers wherein he attempted to disparage and “hex” President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s announcement that he had significantly reduced his salary in solidarity with the masses, confirms what many Zambians already know; Sishuwa is part of a political coven of chronic cynics.

Sishuwa and his ilk don’t mean well. They are druids of doom and gloom. They never see any good in any good deed or any positive achievement of the President and the PF Government.

On the other hand, they promote hate and bitterness in a bid to stir up anti-government sentiment. They scheme to incite mayhem and disorder, so that they may manipulate an opportunity to impose on Zambians their disorderly and regionally inclined “warlock” who has been rejected by Zambians six times (and counting).

It would be pointless to even try to explain the President’s goodwill in reducing his salary, and the fact that such a reduction for Senior Civil Servants and Parastatals would be a demonstration of leaders ready to sacrifice, because Sishuwa and his kind have already deliberately made up their minds and taken up a position of “no matter what you say or show us, we will not listen to you”.

Are they being realistic when they say that PF has done nothing good at all?

What about the increased enrolment in schools, because of the boom in the construction of schools across the country? Is that a “crisis?”

What about the increase in fully stocked clinics and hospitals? Is that a “crisis”?

What about the significantly improved road infrastructure and bridges across Zambia? Is that a “bad thing”?

We could go on and on until Kingdom come cataloguing President Lungu and PF achievements, but whats the point when some people who are living in denial like Sishuwa have made up their minds “ukufwa na no”!

Their scepticism has become septic. It is eating them up.

“U’ushitasha mwana wa ndoshi nangu endoshi ine”, the Bembas say!