There must be a way, an efficient, effective, quick, fair, constitutional, legal, just and democratic way, of getting rid of political waste soon after a historic election such as the one we had on August the 12th, in 2021. The Patriotic Front (PF) is thoroughly rotten and highly toxic political waste; all Zambians of good will from all social classes including many good members of the PF itself have a responsibility to make sure this political waste is safely disposed of, and soon too.

There must be a political waste disposal site, designed specifically for political waste such as the PF, in all our 10 provinces. All our districts, cities, towns, constituencies, villages and homes must start a thorough political cleaning exercise to remove the stench, rot and poison which the PF is, among us, if the country is to escape the political decay and social explosion which uncollected political garbage always produces.

The leadership and many members of the PF itself know the PF is an extremely rotten and toxic political party. To purify itself, it has said it will “rebrand” itself. Now, faeces are faeces, especially the stinking faeces of a corrupt rich thieving elite such as the PF leadership. I am not sure it is possible to change the contents of any faeces by “rebranding” them, perhaps by simply reshuffling their owners and changing the name to “new delicious faeces” without first destroying them through biochemical digestion, combustion and chemical reconfiguration to create something new and totally different from the original raw faeces.

This matter of confronting, urgently, the necessity to throw away the rotten political waste which the PF is to Zambia has become more urgent as each day passes and it becomes very clear that the United Party for National Development (UPND) has no intention of systematically, emphatically and urgently, uprooting and destroying our rotten capitalist system which is the soil the PF and all its kind of political party thrive in.

There is absolutely no evidence, after the PF conceded defeat to the UPND, that the PF is transforming into a political party different from the one Zambians so resoundingly rejected during August the 12th, 2021 elections. The PF, especially its elite bullish, arrogant and thoroughly undemocratic and corrupt leadership, has rapidly found its voice, gained its confidence, and all its stenchy insolence, vulgarities, and violent authoritarian characteristics are fast emerging.

The PF has fast acquired enough arrogance, barely 5 months after they lost power, to tell us that soon we shall start longing for the days when they were in power. This extremely offensive, arrogant and insensitive disregard for the damage the PF caused to government and all its institution such asthe collapse of public trust in the judiciary, turning the police into a personal militia for Edgar Lungu, corrupting the civil service and turning it into a tribal employment scheme, decay and corruption in the government education and health systems, looting state commercial entities, amassing a massive national debt for which they defaulted, and many more such evils and ultimately unleashing on Zambians a Tsunami of mass poverty, mass unemployment and extreme inequalities, is unimaginable!

Given Lubinda, current acting leader of the PF, has the naïve and dangerous arrogance of reminding the UPND government that the current government has many loyal PF civil servants imbedded in it, who are informing on the new government, to the PF. This level of evil arrogance, displayed in public and for the media, best confirms the fact that the PF has neither understood the massive popular anger against them, nor the significance of the historic humiliating defeat the masses served on them, in August last year.

Clearly the PF has no intention of pausing, reflecting on their performance when in government, and atoning for their evil deeds and destruction of our country, honestly and sincerely apologising to the masses of Zambia for the suffering and pain they caused us, before diving headlong into opposition politics. Instead, as they say, the PF has “hit the ground running” as the main opposition party, son after the elections!

The fundamental question is why, why is the PF so quickly and without going through the necessary and essential remorse and transformation into a regular normal party clean of its rot and toxins, positioning itself as an alternative to the UPND?

The answers are simple. The UPND has quickly shown itself to be a party of the few rich Zambians and foreign money, a party of the owners of large farms, mines, large hotels, large factories, and those in the construction industry, especially for roads. This is why it rushed to the IMF to increase our national debt so that the IMF can talk to our creditors to allow more debt to flow into Zambia, for HH and his friends in big agriculture, tourism, mining, manufacturing, communication and infrastructure to continue to grow their wealth as the loyal domestic servants of foreign money!

To this end, HH has proudly announced that he is, in fact, the Chief Marketer of our corrupt, rotten and extremely parasitic Zambian capitalist system. And he has promised the Zambian masses tougher times ahead, essentially confirming that economically we were better off during the times of the PF! Which confusedly begs the question: why then did we remove the rotten toxic PF from government, if the UPND can only lead us into tougher times, with the illusory expectation that after mass suffering, we may probably end up in a better place? This is the source of the courage and arrogance of the PF: they know very well HH and his naïve very close friends in government and the IMF, can only take us into a more painful future!

All political parties have their roots in the economic systems in which they born, grow and die. Our small, impoverished and corrupt neo-colonial economic system can only produce corrupt, authoritarian and anti-democratic political parties. Look around and see for yourself! HH himself comes from a one-man choir; he is the leader and chief source of money for his political outfit.

To expect an economic system powered by private greed and profits, locked into the world economy as a small raw material producing country with a materially and culturally impoverished and poorly educated population to produce a decent democratic political system is to expect water from granite. Private greed and profits are the sources and drivers of corruption and an authoritarian appetite in our politics; once in, you know you must stay inside or return to the poverty you see all around you every day!

I am extremely insulted, offended and horrified, every time I see and hear the PF presenting itself as an alternative to any political party in Zambia today, before it visibly transforms itself. I am petrified and thoroughly disgusted when I hear a PF leader say to us; we shall soon wish for the PF days. Who the hell do the `elite leadership of the PF think we, the majority of Zambians, are? They must surely think we are memory dead idiots.

We all can easily guess where Zambia would be today, if Lungu and the PF had won the August 2021 elections. It is a scary nightmare, just to raise the thought. Every time a PF leader opens her or his mouth to speak, the media, and we millions of Zambians have a duty to ask: if the PF had won the election last year in August, what would have been your personal contributions to torturing us, the majority of Zambians?

There is a way, after all, an efficient, effective, quick, just and democratic way, of getting rid of political waste soon after a historic election such as the one we had on August the 12th, in 2021, it is called a “political revolution”! Unless the UPND can find the formular for such a revolution, their days are few and numbered, in government.

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