ACCORDING to one scientific research, children inherit their cleverness from their mothers. The intelligence gene is supposedly linked to the X-chromosome and since women have two of these, there’s a greater possibility that they pass on their wits to the children. If this is true then it goes without saying that if you educate a woman, you educate the family, and subsequently you educate the nation. With numerical figures of just over50.6% women, educating women should be every government’s top priority.

Other statistics may show that a person’s contribution to the community is proportionate to the number of years one spent in school. That being so, a woman with nine years of schooling is likely to be more productive at home or in the community, compared to another woman who has little or no education at all.

Educating a woman has numerous advantages, among them eradication of poverty at family level, because an educated woman would most likely take advantage of available opportunities around her. It also increases health awareness to the woman, and her world view is broadened. A woman with a broadened world view is one who looks at the world with a broad perspective and can easily appreciate her role in society and demand her rights.

Education bring about enlightenment and this would lead to rational understanding to a woman; and rational understanding opens people to new ideas. And new ideas are what brings about positive change.

A woman who can read and write, at least in her own language can tap into the vast pool of knowledge which is often transmitted in books and other media like phones and TV, as is currently the case today.

If a woman is educated she could find herself a job and be able to look after her children without being forced by social and economic dictates to compromise her status. A woman who is learned has higher chances of following proper health guidelines as stipulated by clinicians and pass on this information to her children than one who has little education. Education helps people follow verbal or written instructions.

A look around our communities reveals that children whose mothers are teachers tend to complete grade 12 school education. I believe the good reason for this is everything we have said here; educating a woman. School going children spend more than 60% of their time with their moms, so little wonder that literate mothers are an invaluable asset in the home to help with homework, no doubt about this.

Social media today is awash with myriad of not only health information, but other useful data that can be beneficial to a woman who can read and write. And since many people today have access to phones, even cheap ones, it means that women can have a pool of knowledge at their disposal.

Educating a woman means she could transfer her skills and knowledge to her children. A worrying number of women today are in abusive marriages because of low education levels. Let me qualify this statement. An educated woman would take her time to get married, not so with a woman without education. Because of this an illiterate woman would settle for any man, even an abusive one. An educated woman would negotiate with her husband for matters of sexual reproductive health and other pertinent issues, not so with a woman with lesser education. Unlike an unschooled woman, an educated woman can opt to leave a bad marriage.


Government, for the first part need to keep as many girl children in schools as possible. With the introduction of free education by government, we expect to see increased number of girls in school up to grade 12.

Traditional leaders need to play a bigger role in ensuring that early marriages are curtailed and those promoting the scourge are shammed.

We need more community based organizations to educate people on the dangers of early marriages and the benefits of keeping children in school. The Stay in School campaign by First Lady Madam Mutinta Hichilema is one such noble initiatives that need to be supported by all.

Sanitary hygiene, were necessary, need to be made available to all girls who need them. This should encourage girls to be in school all the time.

Boys also need to be educated on the negative effects of bullying girls in schools. Bullying is not only being rough or physical to girls, but even using demeaning words that hurt girls’ reputation and their self-esteem.

Child safeguardingpolicies for girls and other vulnerable children should be made a priority. Schools, churches and any other community centers need to have safety measures to make girls feel safe and secure.

Schools need to be constructed near villages for children to access them easily.So I expect a thousand likes from women-folks on this article. Or else…

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