YALI president Andrew Ntewewe says the Anti-Corruption Commission must probe youth minister Moses Mawere and PF youth chairperson Stephen Kampyongo for embezzlement of Youth Empowerment Funds.

Speaking when he featured on Joy FM today, January 12, 2017, Ntewewe said he was aware that nothing had been done about reports that had been made to the ACC regarding the matter.

“I’m aware that there are matters that have been reported to the Anti-Corruption Commission relating to the corruption that is happening in the Ministry of Youth as far as youth empowerment funds are concerned, nothing has been done, and you see this boils anger in citizens when institutions that are supposed to play a key role are not doing their jobs,” Ntewewe said.

He urged the ACC should be proactive because it had a responsibility to protect people’s resources in the country.

“To the extent that they decide to keep quiet, I do not know whether it [is because it] involves ministers, that is why they have decided to keep quiet, it is unacceptable. First of all they have to exonerate themselves of these allegations of corruption. It’s only important, you cannot just sit back and people are accusing you of corruption and you sit back without saying anything that is not correct,” Ntewewe said.

And Ntewewe urged President Edgar Lungu to scrutinize the management of youth empowerment funds.

“If the President is serious about the fight against corruption, these are issues Zambians will be looking at. How are these things happening? For instance if you hear him very correctly on his off-the-cuff statement he said ‘some of you I will not even be waiting for the reports to come, I will be taking action’. That’s what Zambians yearn for, Zambians yearn for our President, we know that he has a big stick ,and he has said it himself in public, ‘I have a big stick’ and we also know that he can fall on people like a ton of bricks, we want him to fall on those ministers who are corrupt,” said Ntewewe.

Meanwhile Ntewewe asked President Lungu to tell the nation the tools which he was using to appraise his ministers and permanent secretaries.

“The President has said some very beautiful things from his inauguration speech, you want to remember, from his speech in Parliament, you want to remember, for instance, he has said ministers will have to be appraised in terms of their performance, the biggest question that we as a Young African Leaders Initiative are yet to answer is and find out from the President is what tools is he using to appraise the performance of his ministers? The second thing he said is that he is going to appraise his permanent secretaries, it is our hope and prayer that tools can be put forward so that ultimately we even in civil society can help the President do an appraisal on his ministers, there is nothing that should be hidden, there must be transparency and accountability, and in terms of transparency and accountability, we don’t think it will hurt for Cabinet Office and the President to give us milestones of each and every ministry,” said Ntewewe.