POLICE spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo says disciplinary action will be taken against a police officer who was filmed dancing in uniform while brandishing a PF undergarment and singing praises for President Edgar Lungu.

The 28-second video of the officer dancing at the Police Officer’s Mess and flashing a PF symbol has gone viral on social media, sparking widespread criticism.

When the video was forwarded to police today, January 23, 2017, Katongo said the officer’s behavior was unacceptable as it was clear cadre behaviour.

“This is very wrong. Police officers are expected to be loyal to the government of the day but that does not mean that they need to be cadres. The two are different. What this officer is displaying is pure caderism.

As police we shall not tolerate this whether the officer is supporting the ruling party or the opposition. The officer will be located so that disciplinary action is taken against him,” said Katongo.