UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says Linda Kasonde is a fearless woman.

At a media briefing yesterday, HH said he had a lot of respect for Kasonde and he urged everyone to stand with LAZ.

He also rubbished Kasama member of parliament Kelvin Sampa’s Private Members Bill aimed at repealing LAZ.

“They accused Linda Kasonde that she has worked for HH before but she has never worked for me. I have a lot of respect for her and I want her to know she is not alone. LAZ is not alone in this matter. We must support LAZ in their noble cause. Why was LAZ good when PF was in opposition and today LAZ is bad? So Linda, LAZ and decent lawyers in this country you are doing a good job, you have our support sometimes we don’t know how to tell you but we don’t want that motion on the floor of the House,” HH said.

“Kelvin Sampa MP for Kasama Central is moving a private members motion in that House to dissolve the Law Association of Zambia, to dissolve LAZ. That motion is misplaced in that House to dissolve LAZ, LAZ is not going nowhere. All of us should stand up and protect LAZ. And in advance, the Speaker should have said to him; given that the Speaker is a lawyer, ‘you cannot dissolve LAZ. What has LAZ done wrong today?’ LAZ is the one that stood for the PF and for anyone else in opposition, LAZ has performed very well.”

He said Kasonde had exhibited resoluteness.

“I want to thank LAZ president, one Linda Kasonde, a young woman who has shown resoluteness, ‘mukazi uja alibe manta’ (that woman is fearless) she is running LAZ properly and we are standing with her,” said Kasonde.