UPND says the Patriotic Front will be held responsible for anything that might happen to party leader Hakainde Hichilema whilst in police custody.

In a statement today, Kakoma asked authorities to take HH’s health seriously.

“The Zambian authorities should take this matter seriously. As a party, we would like to warn the Patriotic Front government that they will be held responsible for anything that will happen to Mr Hichilema while he is in their Police custody,” Kakoma stated.

He disclosed that HH’s health had deteriorated and proposed independent investigations to ascertain what kind of chemicals were used to tear gas his bedroom.

“United Party For National Development ( UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema’s health is deteriorating. Mr Hichilema, who was detained on Thursday by government at Lilayi Police Training Camp on tramped up charges of treason, has been unwell since then. He had earlier told his lawyer Jack Mwiimbu that he was unwell following the brutal attack and inhuman gassing of his home. Police have imposed a blanket ban on anyone wishing to visit Mr Hichilema. But today, Saturday, when the wife managed to visit him, she found him in a worse condition than before,” stated Kakoma.

“As UPND, we demand that Mr Hichilema should be subjected to rigorous medical tests and treatment by independent doctors who are free from government interference. We also wish to request the international community and human rights organisations to intervene in this matter. In particular, we wish to ask Scotland Yard of the United Kingdom or any other reputable organisation to investigate the chemicals that were used to teargas Mr Hichilema’s bedroom.”