In this audio, People’s Party leader Mike Mulongoti says Hakainde Hichilema’s acquittal has revealed that there are people with evil intentions in the ruling party.

Mulongoti said this in an interview shortly after Lusaka Magistrate Greenwell Malumani set Hichilema free yesterday, noting that it was clear that the arresting officer Mbita Mpazi did not conduct any investigations in any of the cases including treason, but watched television and based on his impressions, charged the accused.

“It has revealed that there are people with evil intentions in this republic and it is frightening that the evil people are in government and the party, the ruling party. I don’t think the people of Zambia are safe under the watch of these people. My advice to people who are in government and the ruling party is to begin to prepare for their exits, they failed the people of Zambia. They have looted the resources of this country, people are stressing because they cannot afford to have food on their table but in the meantime, they want to go round showing off in big motor vehicles and pretending as if all is well in the republic,” said Mulongoti.

He said those in the ruling party had exposed their lack of morality.

“What they fabricated against an innocent person who was challenging their power base has been laid bare by the decision of the magistrate who was very solid in the judgement he passed. He did not mince his words, he said it the way it should be and I do hope that when they read that judgement those in authority, they must begin to re-plan their future because they have no future at all. They have exposed their lack of morality and integrity and because of that, we are making an appeal to them to say when you make a mistake, show remorse. And also, show decency by acknowledging that you made a mistake. Their arrogance will not take them anywhere. This is the beginning of a new future in Zambia,” said Mulongoti.

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