In this audio, Rainbow Party General Secretary Wynter Kabimba says he cannot lower himself to argue with Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo because he was nothing and he will be nothing after leaving government.

Recently, Kampyongo mocked Wynter, who is a former justice minister for calling the PF a chipante pante government and opposing to the invocation of Article 31 by President Edgar Lungu.

Kamyongo also described Kabimba as a political amateur adding that he only entered Parliament out of Michael Sata’s mercy.

But in an interview, Kabimba said it was a waste of time to argue with Kampyongo because he was nothing.

“To get into diatribes with a character like Kampyongo, to be honest with you is a waste of time. What am I supposed to say? That I am a good lawyer? What am I supposed to say? That is just to lower myself to his level. Am I the only lawyer who has disagreed with Lungu? No! LAZ has disagreed, so everybody in LAZ is not a good lawyer? So you can see that that debate is cheap. That’s my view. Can you line up my CV and Kampyongo’s CV and compare the two? Are you sure they are comparable? Kampyongo is just a human being as long as he remains Minister of Home Affairs. Once he is out of that place, Kampyongo will be nothing. He was nothing before he became minister, he will be nothing after he ceases to be minister. So to get into a debate with him in the press is really not a debate in my view.” Kabimba said.

Kabimba said being in the National Assembly was not a huge achievement.

“I heard him say that ‘oh Michael did him a favor by nominating him to Parliament’, is being a member of parliament in a third world country the highest achievement that anybody can look forward to? In fact I am happy that I was member of parliament and if I told you what I think about that parliament, the Speaker can cite me for contempt. If I honestly expressed my opinion, what I think about the quality of our National Assembly, it is not something that one would be proud of,” said Kabimba.

“So there are better issues we can discuss instead of discussing Kampyongo, we will just be elevating him to some level where he shouldn’t be. This is the man who thinks he can divorce his wife because now women who couldn’t have said yes to him have said yes because he is minister. How can I argue with a human being like that? How many ministers have we seen who marry and immediately they are out, the women they married tells them ‘you are just a useless character’, they are many on the list you can put and I am sure Kampyongo will go the same route. So my view is that that should not be a debate that we should be pushing forward. I don’t have a small mind myself, I have a big mind and I am very objective.”

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