Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila has called on African Countries to unite and fight against imperialism and neo-colonialism on the continent.

According to a statement issued by PF media director Sunday Chanda, Mwila said this when he officially opened the Third General Assembly of CAPP being attended by 78 political parties in Khartoum including the Council of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP).

“I came here to sound the trumpet to CAPP that unless Africa unites at every level – socially, economically and otherwise, Africa will soon become a lost cause. Imperialist forces have identified puppets and mouthpieces of capital, ready to auction our country’s natural resources to their funders. Africa must unite! How can it be that foreign mining conglomerates with interest in controlling mineral interests in a Southern and Central African Country can speak the same language as the leader of the Opposition? How can it be that a leader of the Opposition can say to Africans in Zambia that should he win an election, he would bring back one mining conglomerate that gave up on Zambians when they needed it the most?” Mwila asked.

“How can it be that puppets in Kenya, puppets in Zimbabwe and South Africa, speak the same language as their so-called Think-Tank in South Africa, fully funded by one mining conglomerate? I came to sound a clarion call that unless Africa unites to preserve its Independence and natural resources, we shall be a lost cause. CAPP must rise to the challenge, reform and reposition for a better and more secured Africa. Let us remind ourselves that our Freedom from the shackles of Colonialism was not Free. We must say to today and tomorrow’s generation of Africans that never and never again will Africa and African countries give themselves away to imperialist stooges littered across the continent.”

Mwila also thanked First Vice President and Prime Minister of the Republic of Sudan Lieutenant General Bakri Salih, for his government’s continued support to CAPP.

“CAPP will ever be grateful to the Government and Peoples of Sudan,” said Mwila.