In this audio, expelled PF Roan member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili says he is ready to work with UPND president Hakainde Hichilema in order to fight the rampant corruption in government.

And Kambwili says he will not waste time responding to “little criminals” like Munir Zulu, but will instead sue to teach them a lesson.

In an interview with News Diggers! Kambwili, who is former chief government spokesperson, said the fight against corruption would unite him with the UPND because it concerned every Zambian regardless of political affiliation.

“Every reasonable person in Zambia must be prepared to fight corruption and when we are fighting corruption, it doesn’t matter who you are working with as long as you want to achieve one goal and the goal is to fight corruption. If HH wants to fight corruption and I also want to fight corruption, why shouldn’t we work together? Because the corruption we are fighting is not for ourselves but for the people of Zambia. I should not say because I am PF then I should not fight corruption because HH is UPND, the Anti-Corruption crusade that we have embarked on, we are ready to work with anybody of a like mind and I welcome HH’s invitation to work with me on the issues of fighting corruption. I am ready to work with him in as far as corruption crusade is concerned,” Kambwili said.

“In this country we cannot let Edgar Lungu and a few cronies to be making money out of PF that we suffered for, we suffered to create PF to serve the poor people but they chased us and started using PF to steal, amass wealth and do corrupt activities, we are not going to allow it. Ichibemba citila ‘ishinku mutanda tashicela mumo, elo ukucenjela kwankonko pungwa tasakamana, twende babili temwenso, pitila uko temubiyo wanshila. (Bemba proverbs to mean days are numbered, you can not be clever all the time and it’s wise to work with other people) So abo ba Lungu abo abaice bemishe abankuncita (So those youths Lungu has lined up to) scandalise me, it only shows that the man is guilty.”

Kambwili said if President Lungu was corrupt, it was in order to call him a thief.

“The behaviour of PF cadres clearly shows that the man is guilty because none of them, when they come to the press are saying, ‘President Lungu made his money from such and such an activity that is why he is building all over Lusaka’. None of them is coming to tell us that indeed the fire engines that they bought are worth $1 million each. None of them is justifying that all they are saying is ‘you are insulting the President’. I am not insulting the President but if the President is corrupt, we will call him a corrupt person and no regrets, no apologies. Kabolala ni kabolala. A thief is a thief. There is no substitute for the word thief for a person who steals. What more evidence do people want that you have been stealing? There is evidence and that is why they cannot respond. So well done Munir Zulu, well done Bowman Lusambo, well done Stephen Kampyongo but the courts are waiting for you, he said.

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And Kambwili said the PF had launched a smear campaign against him.

“I am aware about the smear campaign that the PF want to carry out against me. But let me just tell you one thing, if you are clean, you are clean, if you are good, you are good. The Bible says ‘we shall know the truth and it shall set us free’. Listen to this WhatsApp message that I received last week.‘Honourable, we have just come out of a meeting with the Secretary General of the party and Mr Sunday Chanda where all the WhatsApp groups have been instructed to start a smear campaign against you alleging a lot of unfounded corruption. They have lined up a lot of people that are going to be saying to the media that you are corrupt among them some disgruntled youths like Munir Zulu, Ibrahim Mwamba, Sunday Chanda himself and Mumbi Phiri, Edward Mumbi and many others. The plan is that they want to discredit your information about corruption but also us in PF we are not happy about what is going on and what makes us worried is that when there was a question as to what was going to happen if the people were taken to court, the Secretary General answered that the President was ready to pay even if he was taken to court, and the court find you wanting, they were ready to pay the compensation, what they want to achieve is that you must stop talking about their corruption and this is a way to intimidate you but please honourable, be strong. We have seen that these people are a bunch of corrupt unreasonable people’,” Kambwili quoted a PF source.

“So I was already forewarned by one of the people that attended the meeting where they were planning to start scandalising me. Now what the people of Zambia must know is that the PF is in government, the question that you should ask yourself is why would a government find somebody who is corrupt to go to the media? Because when they find that Kambwili was corrupt, the best to do is to report him to the Anti Corruption Commission, it is to report him to the police so that he is arrested. This is exactly what they did when Lungu fired me, they wrote a fictitious letter, Kaizer Zulu, Chanda Kabwe and Nathan Chanda sat down and wrote that letter to the Anti Corruption purporting that I was corrupt and copied to the President, that was the basis on which Lungu fired me.”

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He said Munir was just a “little criminal” who did not deserve his response.

“I don’t want to waste time to answer nonentities or small boys like Munir Zulu because for me, I was so shocked, I don’t even know this Munir Zulu, I just see him on TV and on Facebook, I have never met him or even shaken his hand. That boy beat up a policeman, we have not heard him being arrested. So I will not waste my time to answer to little criminals like Munir Zulu,” Kambwili said.

“If you remember very well, if you go to the archives, it is the same boys, Munir Zulu, Sunday Chanda and Mwamba Ibrahim who were in MMD and busy insulting Mr Sata. Go to the records in the newspaper, you will find the statements they used to issue against Mr Sata, so those boys are hired guns. If PF had anything against me, would you think I would be a free man on the streets of Zambia today? Go and report these matters to the ACC. Let them come and arrest me. There is already that matter at ACC, one year investigation, it hasn’t brought any fruit because Chishimba Kambwili is a clean man, I have always lived a clean life. Bowman Lusambo was on the radio the other day [saying] ‘Mr Kambwili stripped the railway line from Luanshya to Ndola’, all I can tell them is that all of them will end up in court, I have instructed my lawyers to take the Daily Nation to court, I have instructed my lawyers to take Munir Zulu, Ibrahim Mwamba, Bowman Lusambo and Kampyongo so that they can go and justify. So we shall meet in court over those allegations.”

He denied cutting any deal while he was in government.

“On the issue of the Mongu stadium, Zambians are free to go and check, the procurement of Mongu stadium was not handled by the Minister of Youth and Sports, the procurement was handled by the Ministry of Works and Supply. Ministry of Sports, the only role they played was to write a request that we want to build Mongu stadium and gave the request to the Ministry of Works and Supply who did all the advertisements and picked a contractor. The Ministry of Youth and Sports has got nothing to do with the procurement. But you know when people are desperate, they forget facts. Ask honorable Yamfwa Mukanga who was responsible for the procurement of Mongu stadium, the Ministry of Youth and Sports never played any part. So I don’t know what that confused boy is talking about,” Kambwili said.

“I am a very clean Zambian and no matter how much they want to smear dirt on me, it will not stick. I have asked them specific questions relating to corruption in this country and we need answers. Not counter accusations, how can government be counter accusing citizens when they have got the machinery to arrest them? It clearly shows you that all those are concoctions.”