Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili’s lawyers have written to ruling party cadre Munir Zulu asking him to publicly apologise and pay one million Kwacha compensation for labeling their client corrupt.

In a demand letter dated October 27, 2017, lawyers from C.L Mundia and Company asked Zulu to comply within seven days or be dragged to the High Court for libel.

“Our client instructs that on the 2nd of October 2017, you addressed a highly publicized press conference at Chrisma Hotel in Lusaka where you published the following defamatory words in the said press conference knowing fully well that the said words were untrue, malicious and whose intention was simply to defame our client’s character…in that press conference you called our client a thief and a criminal who was freely roaming society knowing fully well that our client has never been charged and more importantly convicted of any crime let alone theft of public funds through Mwamona Engineering and Technical Services Ltd and in his personal capacity,” the lawyers stated.

“Our client demands as we now do that unless we have a public retraction and apology to our client’s satisfaction in respect of the defamatory publications attributed to you as against our client in the recent past and a monetary compensation of K1,000,000 within seven days of receipt of this notice, we have our client’s firm instructions to commence legal proceedings against you for libel and slander in the High Court where our client will undoubtedly put you to strict proof in so far as the herein contained allegations.”