Catholic Diocese of Chipata, Auxiliary Bishop, Reverend Doctor Benjamin Phiri, says the government must endeavour to listen when the church speaks.

And the Bishop Phiri said the wish of the church was to see that the State and the church worked in harmony.

Speaking during mass for visiting Catholic Bishops held at Chipata’s St Anne’s Cathedral on Saturday, Bishop Phiri reminded Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu who graced the occasion that when the church spoke, it was not because it had ill will or anything against somebody in government leadership, but because it had a task of ensuring the welfare of the flock.

“That is why, while thanking you, I would still like to say that when the church speaks, it is not because it has ill will or because it has anything against somebody, out task is to ensure the welfare and the well being of our flock which also happen to be your constituents. So when we speak, please it in good faith. It is for our own good, for your own good and the good of the people whom we speak to,” he said.

The Bishop also told Zulu to thank President Edgar for allowing him to grace the occasion, and pledged that the Catholic Church would continue praying for the government.

He said that he was hopeful that leaders would continue listening to the church, especially during this time when people were waiting for farming inputs.

“We will continue praying for you and we hope that you will continue to listen to us especially this time when people are waiting for inputs, that you will not forget that we are a farming community. Our people need to have a good crop, a good market and good roads,” said Bishop Phiri.