Patriotic Front Lusaka Province youth chair Kennedy Kamba says the people who attacked NDC officials at 5Fm Radio on Thursday are not PF members but just party sympathisers.

And Kamba says he is not a violent person.

At a media briefing today, Kamba said although those who attacked NDC officials were not members of the party but sympathisers, police should bring them to book.

“The people who are attacking them, of course they are sympathisers of the party but they are not members of the party. Remember this party, this government was not only voted for by PF members, they were voted by people who are not even members of the party so when they continue to insult, when they continue to demean the person they voted for, would they be happy? They should stop demeaning the president,” Kamba said.

“We know that Chishimba Kambwili and Mwenya Musenge’s party the NDC, they have continued to insult or demean the office of the President. And that is very provocative. They are saying we destroyed NDC vehicles, that is a blue lie! The time those things were happening, that is exactly the time and the day we were receiving Miles Sampa here. I recognise the same faces that are here are the same ones which were there when we were receiving Miles Sampa.”

And Kamba says neither himself nor President Lungu are violent people.

“We are a pro poor party, we are a non violent party. The President Edgar Chagwa Lungu from Chawama constituency, he has been known from Chawama not to be a violent person. I myself, I have been known not to be a violent person. Commando here, I can testify is not a violent person…so let us go and tell the people of Zambia, let them tell us, what is it that we are failing as a party, as government? Because insulting Edgar Chagwa Lungu, our president, who was voted by the majority vote, the 50 plus one, it is very provocative and I know, as your youth leader in Lusaka, how you are feeling when they insult our president,” he said.

“The media, go and challenge Kambwili and Mwenya Musenge, let them stop insulting the elected president of this country. Let them stop demeaning the office of the president because he was elected with the 50 plus one majority vote.”

Kamba charged that NDC national youth chairman Charles Kabwita insulted him today.

“Just as I was coming to address this briefing, I was called by their national chairperson Kabwita, and I have his number I am going to share it. He was insulting me, telling me that I have loaded buses to disrupt their meeting, what a shame. And I told them ‘go ahead and meet the people of Kafue, me I am in Lusaka I am going to address a press briefing’. Those are not the politics we want to engage in with NDC. Have you heard of Elias Chipimo being attacked by the public?” he asked.

“Corruption allegations are coming from politicians who are failures, prostitute politicians like Goodson Banda, he has been in four political parties in a space of two years and when you talk about their national youth chairperson Kabwita, he was a councillor, he was also a councillor for Chimwemwe ward in Chimwemwe constituency. He knows what he did to the people of Chimwemwe in terms of allocation of plots. Up to now, those cases are still there. Are we talking about it? No! because we have reported them. We know who Mwenya Musenge is, he is a constituency failure. He stood as a member of parliament under our party ticket and he was beaten pants down by our constituency chairperson Mwila Mutale who is today an independent MP. Can they lead a country when they failed at constituency level?”

Meanwhile, Kamba asked police to bring the NDC attackers to book.

“I want to warn you the youth to leave the police to do their jobs without any intolerance. So let the police bring to book the culprits, including those who attacked NDC at 5Fm,” said Kamba.