Patriotic Front (PF) deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri says UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema will never become President of Zambia if his party’s intention is to takeover government and revenge.

And Mumbi says UPND national chairperson Mutale Nalumango and deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka are childish and ignorant.

Speaking to News Diggers in an interview, Mumbi insisted that HH would never rule the country because God was seeing his intentions.

“All of us are born with a destiny, so even if you fight, insult and do whatever else you can, if in your destiny when God created you there wasn’t anything that you will be President, no matter what you do, it cannot come to pass. Leadership comes from God and these people [UPND] have bad intentions,” Mumbi said.

“We have been hearing what they have been saying that they will do when they come into power. Do you think God works like that? God is a fair God and he knows us inside out. So don’t just be desperate to come in power because you want to come and revenge.”

And Commenting on Chirundu UPND member of parliament Douglas Syakalima’s remarks that the ruling party was dodging dialogue because it thrived on violence, Mumbi said Syakalima could not resist commenting on the matter even though he was crossing his boundaries because he was bitter.

“You can see that UPND have no decorum so anybody can say whatever they want to say. First of all, the one who is representing UPND on the Zambia Centre for Inter party Dialogue is the deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka. That Syakalima, because they are so bitter he can say anything even though he knows very well that he is not party spokesperson. So how can he speak on our behalf when he doesn’t represent not even his party under the ZCID? Because these are the people who have been mandated to spearhead the dialogue talks. It’s people like Syakalima who are frustrating this dialogue because they are just opening their mouths anyhow, which is very unfortunate for an adult like him to be speaking from without. He knows where his boundaries ends as advisor to Hakainde Hichilema, he shouldn’t speak for us who represent our parties on ZCID. He should know his boundaries, not just speaking anyhow,” Mumbi said.

Mumbi said Syakalima’s comments on the national dialogue were ignorant and childish.

“That’s total ignorance. That’s childishness, people should learn to grow up. This is not just about PF and UPND, it’s about all the political parties, this violence and misunderstanding are affecting every Zambian and it has to be corrected. What future are we leaving for our children and our great grand children? It shouldn’t be individualised and it shouldn’t just be centred on HH and my President [Edgar Lungu],” she explained.

Meanwhile, Mumbi also warned UPND national chairperson Mutale Nalumango and Mucheleka to stop insulting her in the media.

“You heard how an adult like Patrick Mucheleka can go on a media…me I have never differed with him and I carry him as my brother but then he goes and calls me ‘mediocre’ in the name of politics? I am sure you read in the Mast [Newspapers] what he said when he was questioning how [former FDD Spokesperson] Antonio Mwanza is going to work with me and my SG [Davies Mwila] because us we are mediocre. Does Patrick Mucheleka know me? Does he know where am coming from? Does he even know where I sleep? He just sees me on the streets. Me I can’t insult or disrespect him because I respect every human being who is made in God’s image,” said Mumbi.

“And this started with Honourable Mutale Nalumango who at one time said, attacking me a fellow woman that sometimes I work under the influence of…I wish she mentioned and for me such people who have no things to talk about… I used to respect Honourable Nalumango when she used to be deputy Speaker when I was in Parliament, but I have lost it because she is behaving childish, she has no issues to bring on the fora. So even Mucheleka it’s the same but if you want to speak to me, speak to me intelligently because me I will tell you what I know and if you insult me don’t start smiling when you see me on the road because I am not like that, I am not cheap. If you insult me, you are gone out of my life. So Syakalima should not bring his ignorance from Siavonga to here. He is not part of the Zambia Council for Inter party Dialogue.”