Jerabos in Chingola rioted Monday night after a rival camp shot one of their own who later died in hospital.

And Police say 33 were arrested during the fracas.

Copperbelt police commissioner Charity Katanga narrated to News Diggers in an interview that some criminals had gone to attack a 25-year-old Jerabo at his house Sunday night whom they shot in the process.

She said riots ensued after word went round after he died in Nchanga North Hospital that those responsible for his death were from a rival Jerabo camp.

“There are two rival Jerabo groups so criminals had gone to attack Mulenga Chanda in the night of 4th February getting into 5th February then the dog barked and after barking, it was shot at and it died instantly. That’s when he too was shot at and he was hospitalised. So word went round that it was the other rival group, since he is also one of the Jerabos so that’s how they ran amok. As a result of the confusion, police moved in yesterday and apprehended seven suspects for riotous behaviour and they were detained yesterday for riotous behaviour and malicious damage. So again today, the residents went to Chiwempala Market with the view to loot and burning of tires in the streets. Police rushed there and 26 people were arrested bringing the total number of those arrested to 33. They are all in custody. The situation is now calm. Police are still monitoring because some of the suspected members were targeting those that they know are rivals so police are still monitoring the situation,” said Katanga.

“Following the shooting incident in which Mulenga Chanda aged 25 was shot at on the side of the pelvic [bone], that was in the early hours of yesterday around 01:00 hours. The person was hospitalised in Nchanga North Hospital and later in the day, yesterday, he died due to the bullet wound. So Chimwempala residents rioted yesterday around 23:00 hours and undisclosed property of those suspected to be behind the shooting was destroyed.”