PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri says with or without a constituency, she will proudly go to Parliament to represent President Edgar Lungu who nominated her.

And Mumbi says Roan PF dissident member of parliament who is also NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili has sent her text messages threatening to take her to court over counter statements the two made regarding a PF cadre called Eddy Gowa, otherwise known as Commando.

Responding to Chiengi member of parliament Given Katuta who said nominated MPs were of no use in the House because they represented no one, Mumbi said it was unfortunate that a fellow woman was not being supportive.

“Yeah it’s okay, me I’m coming there to represent the President. She can have her opinion. And it’s very unfortunate that you can get a comment from a fellow woman when all the women are so happy that the President is at least recognizing us. And that’s why people say us women are our own enemies. How many nominated men did we have in Parliament? Now the President has decided to nominate her fellow woman and she can make such a comment,” Mumbi complained.

“Yes she can say whatever she wants but other women are very happy. Whether with or without a constituency they are very happy and they know that it’s a recognition by the President. Every body is happy because I’m coming from a group where women and youths are considered to be the vulnerable groups. It’s really a shame to get such a comment from a fellow woman. Its very sad.”
And Mumbi told News Diggers! in an interview that she had responded to Kambwili’s texts; threatening to sue him herself.

“I have a message in my phone where Chishimba Kambwili threatened that he was going to take me to court over the comments I made over Commando. It says ‘I have instructed my lawyers to take you to court for your statement in today’s Diggers Newspaper over Commando’. First I didn’t realize who had sent that message. When I asked where that message was coming from, he told that he was Chishimba Kambwili,” narrated Mumbi.

“I have told him to go ahead and sue me and if he doesn’t, its me who is going to sue him. Kambwili should know that I’m not a type who can easily be intimidated and I don’t open my mouth anyhow the way he does. What he should know is that we have even got the print out to show that indeed he was calling the young boy Commando to join him. And because he [Commando] refused he wanted to paint him black. So I’m waiting for him to sue me. If he doesn’t, it is me who is going to sue him.”