Central Province Minister Sydney Mushanga has appealed to the Provincial Patriotic Front leadership to discipline its Kabwe Central member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube and Kabwe Mayor Prince Chileshe saying their infighting is hindering development.

Speaking at Tuskers hotel in Kabwe when he met the business community, Tuesday, Mushanga said a number of business proposals that had been presented by the Kabwe Chamber of Commerce and Industry had not been successful because of the wrangles between the two elected representatives.

The Minister said his efforts to reason with the two leaders had not yielded any positive results and it was now time for the party to step in.

“I want to appeal to the provincial Chairperson, who is here with us today, to deal with these two characters, Honourable Ngulube and the Mayor Prince Chileshe. We have tried our level best to sit the two down. Am not saying that we have failed but I think we have reached the climax and now the party should step in. I think I would be failing in my duties if I don’t talk about this because these two officers, should not only co-exist but also work together to develop our town,” Mushanga said.

The Provincial Minister expressed disappointment over the conspicuous absence of the rival officials at the business meeting.

He said he was concerned that the duo had taken their fight to the media where they were openly attacking each other.

“Why is it that the offices of the mayor and the MP are being managed through the media? Day in and day out they are rushing to the media attacking each other. This is what we are seeing. I don’t even know where Honourable Ngulube is today. At least the Mayor informed me that he would be absent at this meeting,” said Mushanga.

And speaking at the same occasion, PF Provincial Chairperson Chanda Mutale said President Lungu was saddened with the wrangles in Kabwe.

Mutale, who is also Chitambo member of parliament, assured that the dust would soon settle in Kabwe following a party disciplinary meeting on Saturday where the duo was summoned to exculpate itself.

“Our boss is not happy with these wrangles. I know that this is a sensitive matter now because some of these issues are before the courts. But I can assure you that within one week the dust will settle down. On Saturday, we had a disciplinary meeting where both appeared and very soon you shall be told the outcome of that meeting,” Mutale said.

The rift between the Kabwe Municipal Council and area MP Ngulube has been simmering in the public domain for months now.

The council has accused Ngulube of frustrating their efforts to develop the town while the MP has charged that the Local Authority is corrupt.

Ngulube has vowed to expose the illegalities at the council and to continue speaking for the poor.