State House Press Aide Amos Chanda yesterday spat more insults on opposition NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili, who has been critical of the presidential spokesperson.

And Chanda told News Diggers in an interview that he is tired or watching Kambwili pour insults on him, President Edgar Lungu and his daughter Tasila Lungu, every time he gets a chance to speak to the media.

The President’s advisor called Kambwili, who is also a rebel PF member of parliament, to give him his own measure of insults in retaliation to the constant theft accusation that the lawmaker has been unleashing on the State House officials.

Over the weekend, Chanda had described Kambwili as a stupid stinky rabid dog, whose illness was affecting the big but empty head; prompting the member of parliament to respond through an article published by News Diggers, saying he would forgive the Press Aide whom he also described as a confused boy who was looking frail, dehydrated and grey as a result of whatever he was suffering from.

This response angered Chanda further, who yesterday called Kambwili to spit out more ‘unprintables’.

Below is the recorded phone conversation which has also been uploaded on the News Diggers! online Audio Channel.

Amos: Hello.

Kambwili: Iwe mwaice ulekwatako umuchinshi.

Amos: Iwe we mbwa ya muntu iwe Kambwili niwe ningakwatila umuchinshi? Nga walwala Sugar na nanikane, the doctors will tell you, iwe wakwata HIV/AIDS, tell the people. And it is not me who infected you. Ndekupela umuchinshi iwe wembwa iwe? (Can I have respect for a dog like you? you are suffering from HIV/AIDS, just tell the people. You want me to give respect to you a dog of a human being?)

Kambwili: Young man

Amos: Even your life, you are below that of a dog.

Kambwili: Young man…

Amos: Keep away from me, you have taken me to court, I have responded why can’t you wait? Those people you killed in order to steal metals, you can’t kill me. And this evidence I will put it before court, what is bothering you?

Kambwili: Ohoo?

Amos: Idiot! You have killed people in Chingola is it not true?

Kambwili: Ohoo?

Amos: Respond, not “ohoo”. Who is Deocious Kashimbaya? How did he die?

Kambwili: That is very good and that is what I wanted to record. Now I will take you on, I have recorded you.

Amos: Yes, you record. I have put it in court papers, what are you scared of?

Kambwili: That is very good. Now I will take you on.

Amos: That miner, kapokola ku Luanshya, ulya wa umine inshimbi ulya uwalemana ulya in order to steal metals. (The police officer you hit with a metal bar in Luanshya who is now disabled).

Kambwili: I have recorded you, that’s what I wanted.

Amos: I have been calling you on my phone here, I am with people here.

Kambwili: That’s what I wanted, now I have got you. Thank you very much.

Amos: Uli imbwa fye yamuntu iwe. Wali ipaya abantu and this I will take before court, what are you saying? (You are just a dog of a human being, you have killed people).

Kambwili: That’s very good, now I have got you.

Amos: Can you answer yes or no?

Kambwili: I have just told you that that’s the evidence I want from you. Ngumfwa kwati ba bepa fye nga ulelanda nomba nakuchita record mwaiche wandi and I will take you on, you will have to justify those things.

Amos: Straight away, even tomorrow.

Kambwili: You have done very well and my lawyers will be on it this afternoon, thank you very much intelligent young man, thank you.

[Phone cuts]

Take a listen:

On Monday evening, News Diggers! succeeded to reach Chanda via telephone to ask why he was exchanging hate speech with the opposition leader.

Below is the transcript of the interview:

Question: Kambwili has accused you of having property that you cannot justify from your income. He says you built expensive flats near Leopards Hill, a drinking place near Kabulonga Shopping Mall, a farm in State Lodge where you have fish ponds. What is your response?

Answer: Instead of giving a reaction, you can give me a reporter and if he knows where those are, and I hope those are the ones, State Lodge, you can come and take pictures, and Wayaya, I think you know it, you can go there without me and for State Lodge, you can go there, there are two green houses yes, from Amiran. They are two of them, one costs $6,000 so $12,000…

Q: But looking at your language to Mr Kambwili, you sound like a very irritated man who has been pushed to limit. What has irritated you so much about this man for you to come out like that?

A: He is so personal against me first of all as an individual and very personal against the President and very personal against Tasila. What have these three people done to him? He is not even dealing with us as political opponents, he is so personal and he can lie because I can’t lie as often as he does. I can’t respond to his lies at the pace he is doing. So in the age of social media, I have suffered anguish myself at a personal level because of the lies people are putting on social media. He is at the top of those lies. Look, when you have asked me (about the properties), I have told you ‘yes, we can go there’, I have told you the amounts, one is $6,000, the other one is $6,000 there is tomato and vegetables in there but when he puts it like that, he paints a picture like those green houses are probably producing marijuana and what not. It takes a lot! I have friends who call me in the diplomatic community as you know my career is not just in politics, embassies call me, friends in foreign missions, they call me as a result of the lies that he is telling. So how can he get away with lies like that?

Q: Is there any truth in the allegations?

A: There is no truth that he is saying, he has said many times, he is going to expose me, I said ‘go ahead’. He took me to court, I have said I will prove every word I have said, I am not like other people who are scared of him if you have seen. I have said myself, every single word that I have said that he has killed people, I will prove in court. That’s why I sent him a text message that he has killed people when he was a metal dealer and I will tell the court these things on any given day and I have asked him to respond to that.
Even in the exchange, hasn’t he answered that thing? He just says a day of reckoning will come. Who is Delcious Kashimbaya in Chingola who was murdered by Kambwili’s agents? Let him answer that question. What about a police officer in Luanshya who was hit by a metal bar by Kambwili himself? That man is still alive, when Kambwili was still a metal thief, that policeman has been maimed and he is still alive. Can Kambwili say he did not hit somebody with a metal bar? Can Kambwili say he did not fire a gun in a courtroom in a magistrate (court) in Chingola in a matter of Mr Delcious Kashimbaya…so I can prove.
What puts me off is this is a man who I can’t even sit with on the table but by circumstances of politics we got together but he wants to lie and destroy careers of other people.

Q: Kambwili is also saying before going into foreign service and later State House, you were jobless with no house or car, you were surviving by a K10,000 that Mr Fred M’membe was giving you. He also says he lobbied to late president Michael Sata for you to be appointed.

A: He was lobbying me to get appointed, so it is the other way. I have never ever gotten a single ngwee from Kambwili, not a single dollar, when has he ever given me? I have paid for his radio appearances myself. For him to appear on Radio Ichengelo, I paid K8,000 for him. I have never gotten a Ngwee or a dollar from him.

Q: What about your role as Presidential Spokesperson, he is arguing that you are doing the Information Minister’s job by going on TV to explain government policy.

A: He is uneducated that’s why he cannot understand the role of a presidential spokesperson. Has he looked at my contract? The person who assigned me to go to TV is the President. Only he can complain if I have over stepped. Has he (Kambwili) looked at my terms of reference? Has he looked at my contract? Why should it be him [complaining] in any case? His job is to remove President Lungu from power… So he cannot tell us how to do our work anymore than we can tell him how he should unseat us from power. When I go to TV on instruction of the President, it is not Kambwili’s problem. What is wrong in the presidential spokesperson speaking for the president? I have messages of him congratulating me when I appeared on TV when he was minister. So this is a damn shameless liar who has no integrity. I have those messages when he was minister. Each time I appeared on TV, he congratulated me.

Q: Okay, I will wait for your call tomorrow so that we go and take pictures of those properties that he is talking about.

A: Yes, I have told you Wayaya exists, it has not been built, it is a rented property, there is a five acre farm in State Lodge, that’s what he is talking about. There is a dambo there which keeps water from one season to another. Yes, I am expanding it as a backyard fishpond, there is no fishpond yet but we are digging to create a fishpond when the dam-liner is in, maybe in the next few months there can be a fish pond yes. Tell him that there will be a fishpond there. When fish grows and it is up for sale at the market, we will sell it regardless of whether Kambwili buys it or not. There is no crime in creating a fish pond. I have bigger ponds in Siavonga in case he doesn’t know, on the lake, I have two cages 20 times the size of what he is talking about. I have two cages, I have been doing fish business for two years now so the size of the two cages on the lake is 20 times the size of what he is talking about. The two green houses in State Lodge, one costs US$6,000 and I have an account with Amiran, they allow me to get anything, feed and anything because I can pay, I am credible, they can’t give a metal thief credit because he will not pay or he will steal from them. So Amiran trusts me and they will give me goods on credit because they know I can pay.

Q: It will be important to show the people those properties, to put things in context so that people can judge for themselves if those are things you can justify from your income.

A: Yes. If it is money in the bank account, you must state, how much is in the bank account? If it’s a house in State Lodge, what is the estimated value, I haven’t done the evaluation, I will call you tomorrow to give you the evaluation, it is a four bedroomed house on a five acre plot. The remainder of the plot is just vegetable garden, maize and what not. So when he questions the wealth, which wealth? Then remember he said ‘on Saturday’, I think it has been 50 Saturdays now, he has not disclosed. Remember when he said he will hold the mother of all press conferences to expose me? So this is just a despicable liar who if I had my way, the media must stop giving him platforms to malign other people. And the issue is that he has taken me to court, I have counter demanded, I am standing on every single point that he has forged a degree. At the university where he has gotten a degree from, there is no that discipline, the court will know this, he was in Lusaka and he was claiming he was attending lessons, he was a dishonest man. When he questions things, me I come out and answer. He has a very simplistic approach to problems, I don’t have that simplistic approach; when he doesn’t have a university degree, he simply forges one, me I don’t have that approach. Me I go to university and read for one. If he thinks the PhD will improve his character, he simply pays for one and lies, that’s how narrow minded and simplistic he is.

Q: Thank you very much sir.

A: You are welcome thanks.