NAREP president Elias Chipimo has written to President Edgar Lungu demanding justice for the late Vespers Shimunzhila’s death.

In a letter dated, November 9, Chipimo observed that it was now more than a month since Vespers’ life was cruelly taken away by a man who may well be a father.

Chipimo stated that President Lungu should ask himself how he would feel about Vespers’ death if she was his own daughter and what justice he would want to see.

“Perhaps you do not understand the outrage and outpouring of grief over the death of an innocent young girl in her prime because she was not your daughter. I can tell you, however, that as a leader, this is exactly how you should consider this matter. To do so, you need to ask yourself some hard questions: 1. If Vespers was your very own daughter, how would you feel about the way she died? 2. What would you do? 3. What justice would you want to see done? 4. Would you wish this situation on anyone else?” Chipimo asked Lungu.

He observed that with executive power at his disposal, President Lungu could order an independent investigation as well as an independent inquiry into the cause of Vespers’ death.

“Your status does not only confer privilege, it confers responsibility. With the power at your disposal, you can order an independent investigation as well as an independent inquiry under the Inquiries Act; you can order the public release of the coroner’s report into the cause of Vespers’ death; you can ensure that the police investigation of this matter will not be a cover-up by facilitating the engagement of an independent forensic team,” Chipimo added.

“In addition, Mr. President, you can convene a meeting of all stakeholders to determine the best options for ensuring that an incident like this never happens again and to mount a public campaign of support for an end to student riots.”

He urged President Lungu to do what he ought to do and deliver justice for Vespers.

“Mr. President, I urge you to do the good you ought to do and deliver justice for Vespers. That precious young soul may no longer be with us, but it is not too late for you to do the right thing,” appealed Chipimo.