Police in Lusaka have arrested NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili.

Police nabbed Kambwili at Force Headquarters where he had gone to lodge in a complaint against Copperbelt commissioner Charity Katanga for insisting that he appears for questioning today despite asking for a deferment.

Kambwili was loaded onto a police vehicle and is being taken to Luanshya.

His lawyers, Keith Mweemba and Gilbert Phiri told journalists that they did not know why their client had been arrested.

“Apparently, the police were saying he has to appear in Luanshya today without fail, despite of the letter we wrote. That’s why we said, we have to cooperate with the police, let’s go and see the Deputy Inspector General of Police, so that we explain the situation and request for permission to be given an alternative date. But Gilbert and me came late, there was our colleague Christopher [Mundia] there, when I entered the office, I was just told that your client has been arrested and he is being handed over to Luanshya police,” said Mweemba as Phiri added; “We do not know what he was arrested for. He was arrested right there at the Deputy IG’s office and the reason for his arrest is unclear to us. Because he has not yet been questioned, he has not been charged with any offense, and they have bundled him in a vehicle and now they have driven him to Luanshya.”

Details later.