Politicians don’t keep promises – Fr Kangombe

Fr Kapya Kangombe of St Sancta Maria Parish in Lukulu district has observed that politicians have a tendency of making promises they don’t fulfill.

And Democratic Party’s 2021 presidential candidate Harry Kalaba has asked the church to pray for leaders so that they can abide by Bible teachings in their endeavors.

Speaking during a church service, Sunday, Fr Kangombe said politicians had to be faithful before God and the people.

“The politicians with due respect, Honorable Harry Kalaba, they also promise us honey and milk but sometimes the reality is different. I know I had a privilege to chat with you [Honorable] but I also know that we will talk. And I asked you many questions and you said, father give me a chance so that I can do things differently,” Fr Kangombe said.

He challenged Kalaba to have a vision and an agenda in his race for the presidency.

“Honorable when you were born, you must have a program. You must have a vision. You must have an agenda. So the program that you have started, it’s a birth to you.You must have a program, you must have a vision and an agenda for this nation,” said Fr Kangombe.

And Kalaba asked the church should pray for leaders so that they can abide by Bible teachings in their endeavors.

“I am praying that you the Christians of Lukulu will be praying for us and that you will always be remembering us so that as they preached this morning, in line with the gospel of the Holy Spirit, we the leaders can do that which Christ has called us to do,” said Kalaba.

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