Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has wondered how anyone with a brain can construct a bus stop shelter on top of an open drainage, saying investigations have been instituted within the Lusaka City Council (LCC) to ascertain the responsible culprits.

And Sampa has cautioned that if levels of negligence are discovered the culprits responsible will be disciplined.

Commenting on a picture circulating on social media, Wednesday, where a bus stop shelter near Kamwala Prison has been constructed on top of an uncovered drainage, Sampa said he had issued internal instructions to the director in charge of engineering of all drainages and roadworks to explain the development because it did not make sense.

He also said he would visit the bus stop to decide whether to shift the shelter or mount a cover the drainage.

“I have seen it (the picture), and I’m waiting for internal feedback. I have already issued internal instructions to the director in charge of engineering to explain to me why that bus stop ended up like that! Obviously, it doesn’t make sense to me, also it’s funny. Whoever did that, I don’t know what they were thinking. We shall possibly put up a bridge in between the bus stop and the road so that it’s usable. I will visit the place and see that we either shift it or put a little bridge in between,” Sampa told News Diggers! in an interview, Wednesday.

And Sampa said he wasn’t aware of the strange development.

Sampa argued that anybody with a functioning brain could have realised that the shelter would be unusable.

“As Mayor, I wasn’t aware, it has just been brought to my attention, and I have demanded for an explanation from the people that are in charge of drainages and roads and bus stops, within the Council. As usual, if there are levels of negligence, people doing their works without choosing to use their brains, we will institute disciplinary measures because we want efficiency and effectiveness. Anybody with a brain that works could have seen that that bus stop wasn’t going to work in the state that it had been put. But I cannot confirm until I have gotten an official report on who did that and why,” said Sampa.