The National Democratic Congress NDC has asked President Edgar Lungu to fire Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Lawrence Sichalwe for circulating phonographic material.

In a statement, NDC national youth chairman Charles Kabwita demanded that the Zambia Police service immediately arrest Sichalwe.

“As NDC, we feel Mr Sichalwe should be fired because he has brought shame and embarrassment to the nation.The offence committed by Mr Sichalwe is a serious one and President Lungu should not gloss over the matter. Mr Sichalwe should be brought before the courts of law so that he can exonerate himself. The conduct of circulating absence materials clearly shows how immoral and wicked Mr Sichalwe is,” stated Kabwita.

“We further urge the church to join calls to have the said Cabinet Minister to be fired.Further, in the interest of morality, we urge Mr Sichalwe to vacate his office on moral grounds.”

Last week, Sichalwe accidentally posted a pornographic video in a WhatsApp group called “What Government is doing”, and struggled to delete as ruling PF youths who are members of the group, took turns roasting him for circulating the obscene material.

The 58-year-old minister, who succeeded President Edgar Lungu as Chawama member of parliament, admitted that technology challenged him, adding that he was trying to delete the said video from a different WhatsApp group, but ended up forwarding it to “What government is doing”.

The group members, however, did not buy the excuse, arguing that if he was trying to delete it from a different group, it meant that he posted it himself as WhatsApp could not allow anyone to delete what he did not post in a group.

And police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo told journalists that police were investigating the incident.

Katongo said it did not matter whether the video was shared accidentally because being in possession of such material was a crime.