The problem is that we are a nation of cowards who see things going wrong but just murmur from our blankets, SANAC executive director Gregory Chifire has charged.

And Chifire says President Edgar Lungu should sell his two presidential Jets so that he can pay ZAMPOST and Council workers.

In a write-up to News Diggers!, Chifire charged that Zambia was a nation of cowards who hide in Christianity.

He urged Zambians to tell the PF the truth, saying the Bible did not condone hypocrisy.

“The problem is that we are a nation of cowards. We hide in Christianity, we are seeing things going wrong, but we go and murmur from our blankets, that’s hypocrisy, it won’t help. The bible doesn’t condone hypocrisy. Let’s tell these people the truth. The yoke that the PF has put on our shoulders is too much to [bear]. We are slaves in our own country. Our people are working, but can’t get paid. Are they any better than slaves?” Chifire wondered.

He charged that it was a shame that the President was going round the country showing off his newly acquired jet when his government was failing to pay civil servants, council and Zampost workers on time.

He further charged that Zambia was perishing because its President had no vision.

“Surely, is it in order for the President to continue [moving] in a very expensive Jet when his government is failing to pay civil servants on time? Council and Zampost workers have not had salaries for more than six months, and yet the President goes round the country to show off his newly acquired Jet. It’s a shame. We have ourselves to blame for voting for a person who told us that he had no vision, his vision is to run down the country to his benefit. The Bible is very clear, it says where there is no vision, people perish. Zambia is perishing because our President has no vision,” Chifire stated.

He stated that President Lungu should sell his two Jets to not only pay ZAMPOST and Council workers, but to also stabilise the currency.

“Where on earth can we have an economy like Zambia supporting two Jets for a President, the challenger and now the Gulf Stream? He is the most expensive President to maintain in the SADC region. Our neighbour, Tanzania, sold the Presidential Jet to put money in the economy. President Lungu must also sell the two Jets to pay ZAMPOST and Council workers. He must sell these planes to stabilise the currency momentarily. He must show that he cares for the suffering masses. Him alone and his close associates are the ones enjoying in this country, that is not leadership,” Chifire stated.

Meanwhile, Chifire stated that it would take more than prayers to remove the PF from government.

He added that Zambians needed to unite the same way they did in kicking out the UNIP government.

“This PF government is the worst thing to have ever happened in Zambia. Maybe God is teaching us something, this is a curse to the nation. It will take more than prayer to remove PF. Zambians must not think that curses like PF will easily go, we need to unite and kick the curse out. We are in a worse situation than what obtained during the last days of UNIP. We need to unite the same way we united in kicking out UNIP. Unfortunately, these will be more stubborn than UNIP. But we must win,” stated Chifire.

“Nobody will come to liberate us from this government apart from ourselves. It is us who are hungry, it is us who can’t send our children to school. Even though they reduce school fees, we still can’t afford to send our children to school. We are destitute in our own country. Today they are closing universities because they can’t pay lecturers salaries, tomorrow they will close hospitals because they won’t pay doctors and nurses. The country is being ruined under our watch.”