Catholic priest Fr Chewe Mukosa has urged believers to join politics and not leave the game to hooligans.

And Fr Mukosa has likened stubborn politicians to the behaviour of pigs, explaining that even when you rebuke them to stop doing something, they continue to do it.

Fr Chewe Mukosa said this in his Sunday service homily at St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Chifubu, Ndola.

“People will come and say ‘vote for me’. But God has the best manifesto which is practical. Leaders should be servants of the people. Today in Zambia we are hearing so many voices. But let us listen to the voice of Jesus. The voice of God has been infused by many voices. Our politicians in Zambia are like pigs. When a pig is eating even if u beat it, it will continue to eat. And this is what we do when we lack Jesus Christ,” Fr Mukosa said.

He said he was both a social teacher and politician.

“If you don’t join politics you allow hooligans to do it. Am a social teacher both a politician and a teacher. We teach the gospel of Jesus Christ, that is our duty.”

And police attempted to block UPND president Hakainde Hichilema from entering the Church where Fr Mukosa was preaching yesterday.

Hichilema arrived at St Joseph’s Church around 09:30 hours but police officers blocked the main entrance.

The officers then went to the office of the priest where they tried to give instruction to the Church leadership not to allow Hichilema, for reported security reasons, but Fr Mukosa said every citizen was free to worship.

At this time the officers then gave fresh instructions that Hichilema should not speak or greet the congregation.

However, Fr Mukosa allowed Hichilema to greet the congregation.

“I thank you for allowing us to worship with you. The father has spoken it all. Thank you,” said Hichilema in his brief address.