National Democratic Congress (NDC) national youth chairman Charles Kabwita has asked the Human Rights Commission to take interest in the threats against party leader Chishimba Kambwili from PF secretary general Davies Mwila.

Last week, Mwila said the ruling party had powers to stop Kambwili from traveling to any place in the country, further instructing party youths to be effecting citizen’s arrest on the former chief government spokesperson whenever he “insults” President Edgar Lungu.

But in a statement, Tuesday, Kabwita stated that if anything happened to Kambwili, Mwila would be held responsible.

“We want to warn Pf Secretary General Davies Mwila to immediately stop making threats on Dr Chishimba Kambwili. Further, we appeal to police not to allow PF thugs to demonstrate at Dr Kambwili’s residence over unfounded allegations. The police service has better things do to instead of following Mwila’s baseless instructions. In this vain, we urge the Human Rights Commission and other agencies to take interest in the latest threats against Dr Kambwili,” stated Kabwita.

“Zambia belongs to all of us and the rights of all citizens should be upheld and respected. As youths for Dr Kambwili, we shall report Mwila to police for threatening violence. Mwila is not above the law and he should be reminded that his days are numbered. Mwila should be reminded further that we are ready to protect Dr Kambwili against any attacks. We shall not accept any form of political thuggery to be instigated against Dr Kambwili by disgruntled PF thugs. Zambia is a democratic country and the lawlessness that Mwila is perpetuating should never be tolerated. It is surprising that the PF Secretary General is concentrating so much time and effort discussing Dr. Kambwili. We urge Mwila to instead discuss the high mealie meal prices and economic problems that Zambia is facing. Should anything happen to Dr. Kambwili, we shall hold Mwila accountable.”