Samfya District HIV/AIDS coordination (DACA) advisor Moses Musongole says over 17,000 condoms were distributed during the just-ended summer festival, which celebrated the achievements of Zambian sporting legends, Kalushya Bwalya and Samuel Matete.

In a statement availed by Samfya Town council public relations officer Gwendolyne Mchenga, Tuesday, Musongole said the condoms were distributed in strategic places, adding that a lot of people engaged in sexual activities during such events.

He stressed that Samfya Town Council’s condom distribution was also done as a routine activity, not just during specific events.

“Samfya Town Council working with the District HIV/AIDS Committee distributed over 10,000 male condoms to enhance protected sex during the 2019 Samfya Summer Festival. And an addition of over 7,000 condoms were distributed in the Central Business District (CBD) from October 11 and 12. Samfya District HIV/AIDS coordination (DACA) advisor Moses Musongole says the distribution of the condoms were distributed in strategic places where people could easily access them. A lot of activities happen during such events and people tend to engage so much in sexual activities, so we want to ensure that they engage in safe sex,” the statement read.

Musongole revealed that 20 people were tested for HIV during the event.

He added that condom distribution was a routine activity aimed at ending HIV/AIDS by the year 2030.

Musongole urged Samfya residents not to endanger their lives by engaging in unprotected sex, adding that youths who could not abstain from sex should be encouraged to use condoms.

The festival was organized in honor of the two former local sports legends, Bwalya, the former Zambia national soccer team winger and his counterpart Matete, a celebrated former track and field athlete.