United States Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote says it is time to stop the facade that his country enjoys warm relations with Zambia because they are strained.

And Ambassador Foote says he will not attend World Aids Day celebrations tomorrow because he has received threats against his life following his comments on homosexuality.

At a press briefing this morning, Ambassador Foote said it was time to advocate for truth and openness in Zambia and if no one is going to do it, he would, no matter the consequences.

Ambassador Foote said Zambia’s current government expects diplomats to be complaint whilst keeping open pockets.

“In my two years here in your wonderful country, I have tried to improve the US, Zambia partnership with minimal success. Let us stop the facade that our governments have enjoyed warm and cordial relations. The Current government of Zambia wants foreign diplomats to be compliant; with open pocket books and closed mouths,” said Ambassador Foote.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Foote said he was shocked by the amount of venom and hate directed at him and his country in the name of a “Christian nation”.

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