President Edgar Lungu says people who cannot see the works which government has done in Chilubi are mad and they don’t have brains.

And President Lungu says UPND is a party that will forever be a led by a Tonga because that was what was pronounced when its founder, Anderson Mazoka, died.

Speaking when he addressed the ruling party’s last rally on Chilubi Island, Wednesday, President Lungu said government had done a lot for the area.

“When PF came into power, a lot has been done here. And I can assure you that a lot will continue being done. Twalileta shing’ang’a olo mwale kabila ukukwata. Chilubi naikwata ama hospital yabili. Santa Maria is being upgraded apart from the hospitals, naba bikapo na nursing school. Ninani uwaishibe ati kukaba nursing kuno? Ninani? Niba PF nokumfwa abantu efyo balelanda. Pano ndelanda, they are building hostels aba nursing school so tulefikilisha fyonse twalaile (We brought the health workers that you desired to have here, we have built for you two hospitals. We have even brought you a nursing school, who knew that there would be a nursing school here? It is because the PF has listened to your cries. We are building hostels for those in nursing schools. We are fulfilling what we promised you),” President Lungu said.

“Ukuli ubwafya wamenshi, ba PF balitampa ukucita connect water to some townships here in Chilubi. Ama laiti yali isa kuno tefyo fine? Balya abale fwaya uku gaya ubunga balegaya. Fyonse ifyo tulefwaya tu wamye ubwikalo bwakuno. Network twali leta kuno namukwata Airtel, Zamtel na MTN, fyonse ekofili. Tulemilanga fye ubulangililo kuti tuleya tulebomba. Kuli na ma secondary school pantu twalishiba umuntu nga tasambilile, ninshi tapali efyo ali. We are going to bring a skills development center school here. Efyo tulefwaya inchinakala kuti Chilubi insanguke town. Pantu ba Sata efyo balefwaya (We have seen the water challenges you have, we have already started connecting water to some townships here. You now have electricity isn’t it? Those who want to take their maize to the miller can do so because of the electricity you have. We want to better your living standards here. There is a signal for MTN, Airtel and Zamtel. We are showing you the things we will continue doing for you. We have also brought you secondary school because we understand a person is not learned, they are not considered in society. We want to make sure that Chilubi is a town, this is the vison late president Sata had)”

He said those who were blind to all of this were mad.

“Natsave yaliisa, we have a bank here but baletalika, mashilu! Ukulanda ichishinka ubushilu teku mental hospital kweka iyo, ubushilu kutalika ifintu ifyo ulemona. Chalikashika, ati iyo ichintu chafita. Ichintu chayina ati iyo chaliyonda ninshi there is something wrong with your skopodonono (We have brought you Natsave bank here but people are still arguing. To tell you the truth, madness isn’t only going to the mental hospital, it is disputing things you can clearly see in front of you. Something that is light, you say this is dark. Something that is fat, you say it is thin. if you can’t see what every one is seeing, you are mad! You don’t think!)” exclaimed President Lungu.

And President Lungu said UPND could only be led by a Tonga.

“Nabalanda akale ba Davies Mwila ati (Davies Mwila has already mentioned). This party can only be led by a Tonga efyo twaumfwile (this is what we heard) these things are documented, it is not tribal talk iyo (no). When Mr Mazoka died, may his soul rest in peace, there was a clear pronouncement by people who were members of the political party saying the next President should be Tonga because the late Mazoka was Tonga. Mwitalika pantu twalikwata ifinshinka (don’t argue, we have the evidence) but when Sata died, it was very clear that anyone in the party can be the next president, takwali ukulumbula imitundu iyo (there was no mention of tribal talk),” President Lungu said.

“Bushe ndimubemba? Ndi mu Bisa? (Am I Bemba or Bisa?) Because I was a member of the party and I believed in his vision. I am saying this because Mr Mazoka was not a tribalist but the one who has brought tribalism is that gentleman but we all know they are saying we are inciting tribalism, we are giving out the perspective. I will not support anyone in PF who supports tribalism, no!”

Meanwhile, President Lungu said his humbleness had contributed to his elevation in life.

“Pano ndelanda ine ku Chawama nganaya balampokelela, balanjipikila no bwali (when I go Chawama, they celebrate me, they cook for me nshima) because they treasure my experience with them as the area member of Parliament. Nshaishibe ati nkabako President nalekonka ifyo abantu balelanda ati butuka na butuka iminina nayimina. Ilyo pa Sata ba pangile government, nali deputy minister, nali lawyer muchi pani Cha Pf (I never knew I would be president one day. I used to follow what people tell me to do. When president Sata formed government, I was a deputy minister, I was a lawyer of the party). Eventually, I became Minister of Home Affairs, I became Minister of Justice, Minister of Defense at one time I was the secretary general of the PF at one time. I was the most powerful but I knew that power belonged to the people and kept myself humble, look at where I am today. So if you humble yourself, you can do wonders,” said President Lungu.

“Bambi balelanda ati (some people are saying) ‘he’s got no vision’. As PF, we had collective vision, we knew where we wanted to be in 2020, we knew where we wanted to be in 2026, we know where we want to be in 2031, so it’s not a personal decision to say ‘ I have vision’.”