THE Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) says the ballot procurement for the 2021 general election has not yet been concluded as the Commission is still finalizing the appeals process.

In an interview, ECZ senior public relations officer Sylvia Bwalya explained that the procurement process for printing next year’s general election ballot papers had still not been concluded as the appeals process was being finalized.

She explained that the process was likely to be concluded in a week’s time.

“The ballot procurement hasn’t yet been concluded; we are still finalizing the appeals process. We expect to conclude in a week or so,” Bwalya said.

She explained that pre-voter registration was an online system soon to be introduced, adding that the Commission targeted nine million new voters in next year’s elections.

“Pre-voter registration is an online system to be introduced that will allow someone to pre-register by providing all the details necessary for registration online, such as NRC number; physical address; polling station etc. Once done, the system will inform them to present themselves to any of the ECZ designated facility where verification and biometric data will be collected and issued with the physical voter’s card. We are targeting nine million voters,” Bwalya explained.

And when asked what plans the Commission had for police officers and journalists, who needed to vote from where they would be working from during next year’s election, Bwalya said they would be given a certificate of authority.

“For those who will be on election duty out of their designated polling stations and accredited, as such, will be given certificate of authority to vote, which will allow them to vote anywhere they will be stationed,” assured Bwalya.