NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) president Chishimba Kambwili says he is shocked by the police’s decision to guard the residence of his Roan member of parliament Joseph Chishala.

Last week, Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga confirmed to Diggers! that Chishala’s house was under police guard.

Sources spoken to told Diggers! that some groups of people in Roan threatened to torch Chishala, and his house, thereby, prompting police to provide security.

Katanga, however, said that she had not received any report of an attempt to torch Chishala or his house, but confirmed that police were guarding his residence.

“Every member of the public has a right to be guarded, if there is a threat to his life! I don’t know what is it you want me to say; you asked if he is being guarded I said yes; any member of the public has the right to be guarded if his life is a threat. So, what else do you want me to answer, sir? If you want more answers get from police headquarters! I have told you yes they are police officers there. Yes, there are police officers there,” said Katanga.

Chishala defied his party position and opted to stay in Parliament when and the Constitution Amendment Bill Number 10 of 2019 was tabled, saying Roan residents did not have a problem with the bill.

After Parliament was prematurely adjourned due to the Coronavirus outbreak in Zambia, Chishala held a press conference with top PF officials where he had insisted that his decision to defy his party’s position on the controversial Bill 10 was in the interest of his constituents.

Commenting on the police’s intervention, Kambwili wondered why they were guarding Chishala’s residence if he claimed that the decision to support Bill 10 was the will of his people.

“Well, I don’t know what I can say, but why should he be guarded first and foremost, why should he be guarded? Why should he be guarded because only the guilty are afraid! I mean, if he did it for the will of the people and he said that it was to benefit the people of Roan, why should he ask for police protection? It is actually surprising that such a thing should arise that he should be guarded by police, I am very shocked! I am extremely shocked! I have never heard of that in my entire life. I have never heard a member of parliament, who has been given police protection,” Kambwili said in an interview.

He said it was wrong to misuse the police in such a manner.

Kambwili urged Chishala to reverse his decision to support Bill 10.

“For my young brother, Chishala, why create such a problem for yourself? Where you start being scared of your own house, scared of your own community, it is not good for him. I rather he thinks about it; this should be the turning point for him and think twice on the whole issue of for Bill 10 because if he can be given police protection…Those who are asking him to vote for the Bill are putting his life in danger! They know that they are putting his life in danger and they ask to do it, and he does…it is very shocking,” Kambwili said.

“Even those that went to the National Constitution Commission during the MMD time were not given police protection. This is shocking! It is shocking and I think we don’t deserve to misuse police in such a manner because we have so many crimes that police should be assigned to than protecting those who voted for Bill 10.”

He said this was also a sign that the bill was unpopular.

“So, the PF are only telling us that this Bill is not popular; it is not a popular Bill; they should just withdraw it! If it is a popular Bill, why should an MP, who will vote for it be guarded by police because they are telling us a story that the Bill is actually very unpopular among the public among the people. That is the meaning because if the people are happy with it, why go and guard members of parliament who voted for it? I am extremely shocked! The PF have been lying to the people of Zambia that the people want the Bill. This is a clear indication that the Bill is not popular and the best they can do is to withdraw it!” urged Kambwili.