NATIONAL Democratic Congress (NDC) national youth chairperson Charles Kabwita says the Patriotic Front will not publicize their findings on the theft of gold in Mwinulunga because of the big names which are implicated.

Last week, PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri said the party had concluded their investigations into the illegal gold mining activities.

“From our side, the delegation we sent, I am aware that the report was being done yesterday (Tuesday) and it has to be presented to the Central Committee. And even if I know (the findings), I can’t give you because it has to be sent to the Central Committee,” said Phiri.

But in an interview, Kabwita said if the party instructed an investigative wing to the conduct the investigations, senior officials in the party would be implicated.

“It should be made clear that the PF is not the police or the ACC. Therefore, it is an injury to the constitution to entertain the PF to conduct an investigation. We have investigative wings that are tasked to do such responsibilities. The PF cannot go and send their members to investigate illegal mining, it is wrong! This goes to show that these people are implicated in this saga. This scandal doesn’t only involve the people in Western Province, but even senior members of the PF are involved. If indeed they were not involved, they should not have let people their party members to conduct the investigations,” Kabwita said.

Kabwita said the people who were arrested were being used as scape goats.

“So for them to say they cannot state their findings yet is baseless. Is central committee ruling this country? Are you telling me that our government has become dysfunctional therefore the central committee should give us information? My analysis is that most PF leaders are involved in the illegal mining of gold and that’s is why they allowed that delegation to investigate instead of the investigative wings. Even if they tell us the findings, it will not be the truth. They knew that if they allowed an independent wing to conduct the search, the truth would come me to light. So to hide those big names, they sent their own delegation. It has never happened in the history of this country. Those small people that have been arrested are just pawns on the chess board but the truth will come to light very soon,” said Kabwita.