THE University of Zambia has set up a company called UNZA Holdings Limited which seeks to maximize its potential to attain self-sustainability.

In a statement, Thursday, UNZA acting head of communication and marketing Dr Brenda Bukowa explained that the newly-established holding company would function as an umbrella for all business ventures at the University.

“UNZA, in a bid to maximize its potential and attain self-sustainability, has set up a holding company registered with PACRA as UNZA Holdings Limited to work as an umbrella for all business ventures at the institution. The University, in addition to its teaching and learning, research and community service mandate, operates various business entities that include: Liempe Farm; Marshlands Village; UNZA Printer; UNZA Clinic and a 40,000 metric tonne per day capacity maize milling and processing plant housed at Liempe Farm,” Dr Bukowa stated.

And she announced that the University had established the Agriculture Training and Demonstration Centre (ATDC) that would enhance research in agricultural technologies and commercial farming.

“Another milestone for UNZA is the establishment of the Agriculture Training and Demonstration Centre (ATDC) at Liempe Farm. This Centre was built under the auspices of the China–Zambia Cooperation and it is being implemented through collaboration between Jilin Agricultural University of China on behalf of the Chinese government and the University of Zambia on behalf of the Zambian government, respectively. The Centre’s mandate is to promote activities aimed at meeting the increasing demand for agriculture products through the provision of new and improved technologies in agriculture. In addition to being a centre of excellence in research on agricultural technologies, ATDC is also a commercial farm where, currently, fish, village chicken, mushroom, and crop farming are underway,” stated Dr Bukowa.