NATIONAL Restoration Party (NAREP) president Steve Nyirenda says there is no integrity in government institutions because they are being dominated by cadres.

Last week, PF secretary general Davies Mwila said not everyone could be a member of parliament but there were plenty of other positions which ruling party officials could be awarded with.

“In PF mulefwaya muletolaika (you want to rush before it is your turn) You need to have experience because when the 12 of you apply, we will only pick one. Some of you are not loyal to the party you go to other political parties because you get frustrated, God provides for all of us. If you are not an MP, tomorrow you will be Mayor, if not you will be a permanent secretary, if not you will go in Foreign Service ama positions yengi (there are a lot of positions). Others can do business, others can be in the boards, ba (Yamfwa) Mukanga he is in the board at Indeni. But because all of us are in a hurry, but as long as we remain in this position, we are not going to allow that,” said Mwila.

But commenting on these remarks in an interview, Nyirenda lamented that PF had destroyed the country.

“This is exactly why the country is struggling, this is exactly why we cannot develop because people think that once you belong to a party, then you have a job. You have these people who are in PF, who do not know anything, they are given jobs in police, in the army, in the Electoral Commission of Zambia and so on. Therefore, corruption goes up and that is why you find there is no integrity in the police because they have removed people that have the zeal to serve the people. That is why the whole nation must team up and remove these guys, we need to kick them out. They have destroyed the country,” Nyirenda said.

“They want to finish this country and give it to the Chinese so that Zambians should suffer. Zambia is for Zambians and they must take the lead. We will not accept these thugs who are embracing autocracy. People who have gone to study, people who know their jobs, people who have sacrificed to serve this nation are being chased so that they can place them with people who do not know anything. We have seen that they are going to give this US$5 million outside because the PF themselves have got no knowledge. They don’t know that there are Zambians who can do that. They go to seek a Sudanese government to mine gold because they don’t believe in the Zambians. They don’t know what they are doing.”

Nyirenda said the state of the nation would get worse because of employing incompetent people.

“The country is going to be worse. We have already sold ourselves, let us rescue it. With these remarks said, the country is going to go into much more trouble because the people they are giving jobs to, do not know what they are doing. They pick people from the streets and tell them to be a policeman, a soldier or government institution they will not function. Everything that they do will be to please the PF government and not the people of Zambia,” said Nyirenda.