RUFUNSA UPND member of parliament Sheal Mulyata has refuted PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri’s claims that she owns land in Forest Reserve Number 27.

On Tuesday, Phiri urged UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to take action against Monze UPND member of parliament Jack Mwiimbu and Mulyata for owning land in Forest 27.

But in an interview, Mulyata challenged Phiri to avail evidence that she owned any land in the Forest reserve.

“During a radio programme on Phoenix radio, Honorable Mumbi Phiri rang in giving her opinion and contribution. In her contribution, she accused me that I also received land in Forest 27. Now, I have never been to Forest 27, I don’t have a title deed there, I don’t even know where it is and it is de-gazetted. How can you get land like that? I am an MP in Rufunsa where there is vast land; you can ask our council chairperson and secretary, I don’t even own land in Rufunsa. I have my own land in Kasisi. So, this is very disappointing coming from a sister who is Catholic like me and she wears that cross of Jesus, which should lead her to tell the truth,” said Mulyata.

“She must tell me where that title deed is that is showing that I have land at Forest 27. You can go to the Ministry of Lands and you will not find records that show that I own something there. I am very disappointed! I would like to advise her, she is a mature politician who must learn to tell the truth. Because when you wake up and tell the nation such things, you can bring a lot of problems. I urge her to clarify her information. She must learn to be peaceful so that we build Zambia. Let us not be telling lies over people who are innocent. These things are damaging and it’s not nice to do that.”