PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri says the UPND is a finished party because they have continued losing by elections in their strongholds.

And Phiri says neither President Edgar Lungu nor any of his family members have land in Forest 27, insisting that several UPND members of parliament do.

Meanwhile, Phiri says the PF will win 2021 because the party has performed well since it formed government.

Speaking on Muvi TV’s The Assignment program, Saturday, Phiri said the continued loss of by elections by the UPND was an indication that the party cannot win 2021.

“You know, the only people who can trivialise what is happening in North Western and Western Province are those who are not politicians. If in my constituency I lose a by election, that is a signal to tell me that I am finished; because the ward elections is where you find the grassroots. So, we are penetrating the grassroots, we are not starting from the top no. I want those who are demeaning people that the people of Western and North Western are so cheap they can be bought by money to continue annoying those people, they will see in 2021. Me who is a politician, if you lose a ward by election in your constituency, just know that you as a politician and a party there you are finished. That is what it translates to,” Phiri said.

“On top of that, you start insulting people to say the councilor was bought because in your mind, you think you have money and you are the only one who can’t be bought, you are telling people that you think that they were bought because they are poverty stricken, they can sell their souls or their votes because of mealie meal. Let them continue, I am sure the people of Western Province are listening. We have a situation where in politics you even have lost respect.”

Phiri claimed that PF never lost by elections when they were in opposition.

“If you go through your history very well, we never lost [a by election]. That is an indication that we knew we were going to win the election. After 2006, we were winning even in the strongholds of MMD. Just go through your records, UPND is making themselves feel comfortable, we never lost by elections when we were in the opposition. That is why we were convinced that in 2008 we had won. Us we were under the leadership of a proper politician,” Phiri said.

And Phiri said neither President Edgar Lungu nor any of his family members had land in the Forest 27.

“You know, this is a public document, just go and log in kulya Ku Ministry of Lands, President Lungu is not there, not even his wife, not even his child. President Edgar Lungu is a very straight forward man. For me, [anyone] who comes up with an SI and everything and he hasn’t gotten any plot is a person who is genuine. You interview Mr Hakainde Hichilema and ask him how did he get because there was no SI to authorise the portion of land he occupies. How did they get that?” Phiri wondered.

She listed members of parliament from the UPND who had land in Forest 27.

“Let me give you the details of these honourable members of parliament who have land in Forest 2. We have honourable Jack Mwimbu, his plot number is 72821/10, it is allocated to Mambo Muludika, this Mambo Muludika is the wife to honorable Jack Mwiimbu and [it] has been paid for, the title is yet to be processed. The number two is on 72821/88 it is allocated to Ephraim Belemu and the title they are processing it, the third one is LN72821/170, it has been allocated to Mulyata Lifuta and it has been assigned to Maluba Mizozi the daughter to honourable Mulyata member of Parliament for Rufunsa. The last one is LN7282189 and according to allocation list, it was allocated to Moono Lubezhi member of parliament for Namwala and in the system the name which is showing there is Galaya Solution,” Phiri said.

“You have all heard that the UPND shout that they say Forest 27 is giving out under corruption. I heard honourable Shelly Mulyatwa, baby mama in politics. She thinks she can challenge me, I don’t open my mouth, I am a christian, I am a proper Catholic, I am St Ann. My Bible tells me never to bear false witness, I can’t do that. I have told honourable Mulyata especially, hourable Mulyata challenged me to bring evidence, now I am telling her I have given her seven days if she doesn’t take me to court it is me who is going to take her to court for calling me a liar.”

Meanwhile, Phiri said PF was destined for victory in 2021 because the party had performed well since it formed government.

“When I go back to the Bible, it says even Jesus Christ was not appreciated by his own people, it is true. We told the people of Zambia and even in our PF manifesto that we will construct health facilities 5 kilometers apart, which we have done. The country has been opened up, the business opportunities are there, we have good roads, the vehicles are not being broken the way it used to happen which means the cost of doing business is cheaper. Nobody will give you money to put in the pockets. It is creating an enabling environment for you to do business, that is what we meant. Those who are using the opportunities have money in their pockets. Mind you the privatization is what left us here. Privatization is what hit us hard and we are trying to rebuild,” said Phiri.

“PF is the best party, we should return into power. You have seen how genuine we have been. People have tried to tag us with corruption in their heads, they were thinking that when they talk about corruption, when we build a hospital they would say it’s corruption, whatever they do it is corruption. If we didn’t stand by the truth, we are going to be weakened and the development which you are seeing you couldn’t have seen it. When people come to you, especially talking about corruption, tell them to bring evidence. You have tested leadership, come 2026, at least the development agenda which we have is going to be seen by everybody.”