SPECIAL Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Isaac Chipampe says there were no plans for President Edgar Lungu to visit Southern Province this week, contrary to UPND’s claim.

This came to light following reports that the Head of State had cancelled his trip, reportedly out of fear of being booed.

In an interview, Chipampe said the President was surprised that people were creating trips for him.

“He has not cancelled his trip. There was no trip in the first place so where has that come from? Do you remember the President announcing the trip? Do you remember me announcing the trip? So the people who are claiming that the President was supposed to travel should explain everything since they have now taken over my job or the job of the President himself,” said Chipapmpe.

“The President was surprised that people are creating trips for him and even speculating and people are being paranoid suddenly. The President is not going anywhere. Everyone was surprised when we read all these conspiracy theories.”