PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says the shooting report which he ordered last week is not conclusive.

And President Lungu has terminated the contract of Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of Operations Bonnie Kapeso and his counterpart in charge of administration Eugene Sibote, replacing them with Charity Katanga and Richard Mweene respectively.

According to a statement from Special Assistant to the Press for Press and Public Relations Isaac Chipampe, Tuesday, said the Head of State said the report was not conclusive as yet and asked he the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja to expedite the investigations.

President Lungu said he had given Kanganja a six-months contract to reorganise the service and regain public confidence.

“His Excellency Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu President of the Republic of Zambia has received a preliminary report on the killing of two citizens in Lusaka last week and has made changes in the police service command to allow for a speedy enquiry. The President says the report is not conclusive as yet and has asked the Inspector General of Police to expedite the investigations. The President says investigations into the matter have not been concluded. I therefore call upon witness apart from those interviewed already to help police. I don’t want the matter to be prejudiced so let us allow investigators to do a professional job regardless of who is involved,” read the statement.

“Meanwhile the President has made changes to the Zambia Police Service command. The President has given Inspector General of Police Mr Kakoma Kanganja a six month contract to transform the institution and regain people’s confidence. The letter to Mr Kanganja reads in part “ This is to enable you to conclude the investigations into the killing of two innocent Zambians and allow you to recognize the police service with a view to restoring the eroding public confidence in the Service. This will form the basis or your performance appraisal for further consideration.”

Chipampe stated that Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga replaced Kapeso while Northern Province Police Commissioner Richard Mweene replaced Eugene Sibote.

“President Lungu has since appointed Copperbelt Province Commissioner of Police Mrs Charity Katanga as the new Deputy Inspector General of Police (Operations). The President has also appointed Northern Province of Police Mr Richard Mweene as the new deputy Inspector General of Police of police (Administration) Meanwhile, President Lungu has terminated the contract of Deputy Inspector General of Police (Operations) Mr Bonnie Kapeso, Deputy Inspector General of Police (Administration) Mr Eugine Sibote’s contract has not be renewed,” he stated.

And Eastern Province Commissioner of Police Commissioner Lacskson Phiri has replaced Nelson Phiri while North western Province Commissioner Elias Chushi has been transferred to the Copperbelt.

“President Lungu has transferred Eastern province Commissioner of police Mr Lackson Sakala to Lusaka to replace Mr Nelson Phiri whose contract has not been renewed. North Western Province Commissioner of Police Mr Elias Chushi has been transferred to the Copperbelt. Muchinga Province Commissioner of Police Mr Joel Njase has been moved to North Western Province and State Hose Deputy Commissioner of Police Mr Geza Lungu has been promoted to Commissioner of Police and moved to Eastern Province,” stated Chipampe.

“And President Lungu has promoted Airport Police Division deputy Commissioner of Police Ms Lizzy Peter Machina as Muchinga Province Police Commissioner. Lilayi Training College Deputy Commissioner Mr Jestsus Nsokolo has been promoted as Commissioner of Police to Northern Province. President Lungu has promoted Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Zambia Police Headquarters Dr Charles Mbita as Deputy Commissioner of Police Lilayi Training College and also promoted Senior Assistant Police Commissioner TAZARA Division Mr Lazarus Mbuzi to the position of Deputy Commissioner of Police for Central province. President Lungu has wished all affected officers God’s blessings.”