SCORES of mourners gathered at the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Tuesday, to pay their last respect to Hot FM chief executive officer Zachariah Chavula.

Chavula, who passed away last Thursday, was described as a visionary, loving and kind man.

Speaking during the church service, Hot media group executive chairperson Oscar Chavula said his nephew, Zachariah, was a man full of vision, kind, loving and a hardworking man.

He said Zachariah would be remembered as a strong media personality.

“Zach was a proper cool guy! I have known Zach and I have known the most important part in his life. He was born for the media. He was very passionate about his work. I will remember him as a mentor, media person and a man who was the only constant in my life,” said Chavula.

And Kwithu FM chief executive officer Mukamba Mwenda said the company would continue to uphold Zachariah’s legacy.

“Zach was a hardworking man. He had a soft heart and he always wanted to ensure that everyone at the corridors of Hot media was happy. He would talk about work. He would talk about football. He was the man who would express a smile even when this seemed too hard. He was very clear about his vision. As a company, we will hold his legacy and ensure that Hot media goes higher,” he said.

Meanwhile, Zachariah’s best friend, Sam Sakala, said that Zachariah deserved a day of national mourning looking at how much he contributed to Zambia’s development.

“It is sad that only politicians are given a day of national mourning. It is time that media people, journalists are accorded a day of national mourning, too, because they contribute highly to the development of this nation. Zach deserved a day of national mourning. He did a lot for this nation and he really needed to be granted a day of national mourning,” said Sakala.

Zachariah, 49, is survived by a wife and five children.

Among the people that attended the service were Democratic Party (DP) president Harry Kalaba, PF Lusaka Province secretary Kennedy Kamba and President Edgar Lungu’s former special assistant for press and public relations Amos Chanda.